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"Trump has to resign or be suspended!"

Democratic members of the US Congress have called for the dismissal or suspension of President Donald Trump amid press reports that he had exhorted former attorney Michael Cohen to lie in Congress on a controversial real estate project in Russia.

Sources quoted on the BuzzFeed News website said Donald Trump had asked Michael Cohen to lie at congressional hearings on talks with Russia about building a tower in Moscow.

Donald Trump's current attorney, Rudy Giuliani, seemed to refuse speculation: "If you believe in Cohen, I can organize a good deal on the Brooklyn Bridge …"

Michael Cohen should be heard on the topic in the House of Representatives on 7 February.

Democratic opposition politicians, who hold a majority in the House of Representatives, drew attention to the fact that it could be a clear case of obstruction of justice. "If the president has ordered Michael Cohen to lie in Congress, it is a question of hindering justice," said Democratic MP David Cicilline, quoted by Politico.com.

"It is about hindering justice" Democrat MP Ted Lieu reacted.

"If the press information is true, President Trump has to resign or be suspended"said Congressman Joaquin Castro, quoted by Huffington Post.

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