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Trump announces he will make an "important statement" on "closure" and the Mexican border – News

US President Donald Trump said today that he will make an "important statement" on Saturday at the White House on the closure of federal government services (the so-called closure) and on the southern border.

The announcement was made on the official Twitter account of Donald Trump, who scheduled the declaration at 15:00 local time (20:00, Lisbon).

The US government is in a partial closure because of the "arm wrestling" between Donald Trump, who supports the obtaining of funding for the construction of a wall on the Mexican border and the opposition of the Democrats for this decision.

The impact of the four weeks of closure is felt throughout the country.

About 800,000 civil servants were not paid, which raised concerns about the payment of real estate credits and other accounts, and half of them did not work, which led to the closure of various government services.

Donald Trump and House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, are stuck in a stalemate, with the President refusing to sign the budget of a number of federal agencies until Congress approves funding for a wall along the Mexico border, with an estimated value of 5.7 billion dollars (4.9 billion euros).

Trump makes sure he does not reopen the government until he has money for the wall.

Democrats say they favor measures to strengthen border security, but oppose the wall.

At the moment there are no negotiations between the two parties.

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