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Trump Allied Senator names the president After Terrorist Attack on Syria – World

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An attack on a restaurant in northern Syria, in the city of Manbij, where Senator Graham said he had already eaten, killed 19 people, including four US citizens, two soldiers, a Pentagon a civil service provider.

The action was carried out by the Islamic State, which President Trump claims to be already on his knees, a justification of which he abused to justify a military withdrawal strongly criticized by Syria. The first victim of this controversial decision was Defense Secretary James Mattis himself. The US special envoy for the fight against the Islamic state, Brett McGurk, will eventually resign.

With an emotional appeal to the president, Senator Graham, who was one of Trump's closest allies in a generally hostile Washington, eventually linked Wednesday's attack to last month's withdrawal order.

According to Lindsay Graham, the announcement of the withdrawal could send the wrong message to both sides of the barricade in the region, both to the friends of the Americans and to the enemies. The announcement of the withdrawal may have "galvanized the enemy we are fighting," Graham said during a Senate session on the appointment of the President of William Barr to the Attorney General.

"My concern over the president's statements on this topic … is that the people we're trying to help to doubt now about us. [Estado Islâmico] become more audacious, we see growing uncertainty in the people we are trying to help. I saw him in Iraq and now I see him in Syria, "said the senator, who insisted on leaving this document on the sidelines of the hearing.

"We will never be safe if we do not want to help those who will rebel against radical ideologies," he added.

From the statements of Lindsay Graham, the thesis that is conducted against Trump is strengthened: the president defends the withdrawal of the military contingent of 2000 men from Syria because he believes that the Islamic State is defeated in that country, the critics do not believe in that group's languishing radical.

Through this reading is introduced the factor Turkey, which hopes that the United States will return home as soon as possible, since the US forces are aligned in the region with Kurdish military groups, natural enemies of Ankara.

According to analysts, the secret services of the enemies of Washington could, in the near future, instigate many radical actions such as attacking the restaurant to further reshape the network of American alliances in the region.

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