Trump acknowledges in a tweet that Biden won, but attributes it without evidence to the fraud


He tweeted: He won because the election was rigged.


Outgoing US President Donald Trump admitted this Sunday 15-N in a tweet that his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, won the November 3 election, although he attributed it, without evidence, to alleged fraud.

“He won because the elections were rigged. VOTE WATCHER or WATCHERS were not allowed, the votes were counted by a private company of the Radical Left, Dominion, with a bad reputation and deceptive equipment that could not even meet the requirements for the Texas (Which I won a lot!), The Fake and Silent Media, and more! “Trump wrote on his Twitter.

The tweet was labeled by the social network as “this claim about election fraud is controversial.”

Trump accompanied his message with an excerpt from a speech on Fox News by conservative political commentator Jesse Waters, in which he baselessly asserted that Biden succeeded with alleged fraud.

On November 7, the country’s major media projections showed Biden the winner in the presidential elections, but Trump has not yet admitted his defeat and has dedicated himself to spreading conspiracy theories about alleged electoral fraud without approving the tests.

In a subsequent tweet, the president insisted on not acknowledging his defeat: Biden “only won in the eyes of the Fake News Media. I don’t recognize ANYTHING! We have a long way to go. This was a GREAT CHOICE!”

So far, Trump has barely gotten the odd minor victory in the courts, where he suffered setbacks like Friday’s in two Pennsylvania courts, where six lawsuits from his campaign have been filed.

In his tweet, Trump outgoing echoed a theory promoted on the Internet by the QAnon movement, which is spreading baseless allegations of election fraud linked to the company Dominion Voting Systems, maker of the vote-counting machines. .

On Thursday, Trump posted another tweet mentioning the conspiracy theory that the company removed millions of votes in its favor, citing a link from the far-right One America News Network.

The non-governmental organization Advance Democracy, which follows the disinformation cases, has found since November 5 that 1 in 7 messages on Twitter with the hashtag #Dominion came from accounts that identify themselves with QAnon.

QAnon is an internet phenomenon that promotes unfounded theories, such as that the world is run by an organization of satanic pedophiles who, among other things, conspire to overthrow Trump or that the fires that are ravaging the American West have been caused by activists. by Black Lives Matter (Black lives matter).

These conspiracy theories and allegations of voter fraud, which Trump himself is promoting, appear to have an impact on his own supporters.

On Saturday, thousands of supporters of the outgoing president marched into central Washington to protest alleged election fraud at a rally, which led to late-night altercations against Trump’s critics.


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