Trump accused everything and everyone, spoke of theft, presented no evidence, threatened the courts and then left without answering reporters


Donald Trump spoke publicly this Thursday for the first time since election night: he made the usual accusations and, as usual, provided no evidence. “If we count the legal votes, I win easily,” he said. But all the votes that are counted at this time are in accordance with the law of the country.

After rejoicing over what he considers the Republican victory in the Senate (an unconfirmed victory) and highlighting what he said were the historical results of voting in the Republican Party by “non-white voters” – which included Latin Americans and African- The Americans – Trump felt that the polls in recent days were rigged and used to prevent Republican voters from voting – argued that the fact that the polls give Democrats victory has demobilized the Republican electorate. He also criticized the work of the press, which he considered “unfair”.

“It is a corrupt system and it makes people corrupt even when they are not by nature,” he accused. “They find out how many votes they need and find a way to get them. We saw it, for example, in North Carolina: we were very far ahead on election night and, although we are still ahead, the distance is not that great. They got the votes they needed. And it’s funny how these later vows are only for part. “(note: a large number of Republican voters voted in person, while a large percentage of Democratic voters voted by mail because of the pandemic – and the votes initially counted were in person and then those who arrived by mail, hence the fact that Trump has lost advantages in several states with the evolution of the count (and this had already been explained before the election) In Georgia, Trump continued, “we have gone from a point where I was winning a lot to winning less” .

“There will be many lawsuits” in court, threatened Trump, who believes he “will win easily”. “We can’t get an election stolen like this,” he said at the press conference. “I had already said many times that postal votes would end in disaster. This is a large-scale fraud and is increasing every day. “And then, in a record that was not very common, he continued:” It is not a question of who wins: if I or Joe. What can we but such a misfortune [uma eleição roubada] happen in our country “.

Trump also reconfirmed that he will go to the Supreme Court. “There was a lot of confusion and we cannot admit it in our country. This should end at the highest level in the US, ”he defended. Without presenting any evidence of what has been said, the American president has listed a series of incidents in various parts of the country that he considers “opaque”, “corrupt” and which, consequently, have given rise to the blue wave, which Trump has denied being real – without providing evidence. In the case of the cities of Detroit (in the state of Michigan, where Biden’s victory has already been declared) and Philadelphia (in Pennsylvania, where the votes are still counted), Trump has even considered them to be two of the “most corrupt cities in the country. “.

After a few minutes of speech, he left the press conference room without answering the reporters’ questions. Shortly before he said: “They are trying to steal the election and we cannot leave.” But Trump left the room leaving no evidence of the allegations he made.

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