Troubled victory for Rapid in Bacau! Giulestenii reaches the place of the playoffs! HERE are the important steps of Aerostar 2-3 Rapid

AEROSTAR BACAU 2-3 FASTMin. 69: GOOOAAAL – Aerostar! Chirila reduces the difference after one hundred from the square. The ball reached him after a refusal from Draghia.

Min. 52: GOOOAAL – Quick!
Draghiceanu scores on the edge of the box with a shot that the visiting keeper has no way out.

Min. 46:
The game resumed.

Min. 45:
Break in Bacau.

Min. 40: GOOOAAAL – Aerostar!
Manole shortens the distance with a goal in the center of the area.

Min. 29:
Rapid remains in 10 people after the elimination of Nastos, who had a hand attack on Manole’s throat.

Min. 9: GOOOAAL – Quick!
Jorza scores after an exchange of passes with Draghiceanu on the edge of the area, completed with a diagonal shot.

Min. 2: GOOOAAL – Quick! Hlistei opened the scoring after a shot from 11 meters.

Min. 1:
The match has begun.

Starting teams:

Aerostar Bacau: Cebotari – Alecsandru, Ardei, Chirila, Corban, Popescu, Gavrila, Ilie, Manole, Vraciu, Zaharia

Reserves: Petrisor – Zaharia, Burlacu, Danale, Mihalcea, Otelita, Bobaru, Belciu, Tofan

Quick: Draghia – Voicu, Crisan, Nastos, Finica, Jorza, Costin, Ilie, Sefer, Draghiceanu, Hlistei

Reserves: Ciuculescu – Catrici, Mocioaca, Leaca, Goge, Benzar, Fica, Pop, Ghinet

The only match of the day in League 2 brings Aerostar Bacau and Rapid face to face.

Giulestenii, who arrives after two positive results, 2-1 with Farul and 1-0 with “U” Cluj, has the possibility to climb the place of the playoffs in case of victory.


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