TronSociety becomes Tron's newest TRX Coins Super Representative


In recent weeks, a wide range of candidates have emerged that have secured the position of "Super Representative" on the Tron network. In an effort to elect the right representatives, the Tron Foundation has pushed its community to vote for those entities that they believe will bring maximum benefit to the TRX ecosystem.

So far a number of users have voted and now it has come to light that a new Super Representative has been added to the Tron network today with the name "TronSociety".

What is the point of a Super Representative?

In their main essence, Super Representatives are there to help add more value to the TRX ecosystem. TronSociety it is one of these entities that is led by Marius Gill. It includes more than 700 members, all dedicated to the unequivocal growth of the Tron network.

In terms of election results, TronSociety he was able to get a large number of votes (more than 90 million to be exact), thus becoming a major contender for being a "Super Representative" & # 39; for Tron.

In an interview with key staff members associated with the Tron Society, a representative stated that:

"While we are working on developing new projects, interacting and working with the community is the most important thing for us".

More information on TronSociety

Founded by Marius Gill at the tender age of thirteen, TronSociety's foundation point was to help the Tron foundation in its attempt to develop its network and infrastructure in the best / easiest way possible. It is worth noting that Marius previously developed the "Tron Wallet", a multi-purpose storage tool that does not use the Tronscan API.


To date, the Tron Foundation has supported Gill and its various efforts, giving the young developer a loan of about $ 100,000, so as to develop an iOS version of the above-mentioned portfolio. In relation to this development, Gill was noted as saying:

"The opportunity to get a prize is less important than the involvement and sharing of vital moments with colleagues in the Tron community, in order to get more time for testing and optimization. more reason why I created an open source before. "

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