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When TRON launched its Mainnet in May, its founder Justin Sun proclaimed that the young platform was already better than that of its elder brother Ethereum. He also listed a number of factors that indicated this statement.

The supporters of Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, have not taken these statements lightly. For many, Tron would never have equaled the power of a platform that dominated the decentralized applications (dApps) and the intelligent contract ecosystem.

Yet, two months later, Tron's relentless correspondence to greatness has gathered enough speed to challenge the "World Supercomputer".

At the moment, it seems like a possibility – with the TRX daily transactions in August increasing to a third of what Ethereum has managed over the same period.

For any impartial observer, Tron's progress in recent months can not be removed. And the statistics that continue to increase have encouraged many that this platform could still reach the levels of Ethereum.

TRX began in August with just 30,100 transactions per day, not at all remarkable. However, by the end of the month, Tron's average daily transactions were 206,000. The figures are courtesy of Tron Colony, one of TRX's greatest bulls.

He captured the attention of Justin Sun, who, as always, immediately retweeted the figures. The message was clear: TRX was on the rise and Ethereum was within range.

"TRX started in August with only 30,100 transactions a day At the end of the month, the average number of daily transactions was almost 1/3 of $ ETH. #TRON is the fastest growing currency, this rocket does not firm for no one. "

Numbers are still only a fraction of the average daily transactions of Ethereum. However, factor in the project's age and it suddenly becomes clear that Tron's results are not negligible.

In fact, looking at the average daily transactions for the first day of September, you realize that the number continues to grow. [19659002] Record a maximum of 440,135 put Tron's transaction on the day very close to that of Ethereum. Compared to the data acquired on, the TRX volume represented approximately 67% of that recorded for ETH.

Tron to beat Ethereum?

The fact that Tron's transactions are closing on Ethereum is just one of the many angles that have sparked a debate between the two crypto communities.

Back in March, Sun said his project was better than Ethereum and listed seven reasons why it was. At that time, he strengthened the idea among TRX supporters that the top ten coin was then the next Ethereum-killer.

This notion persists and gets a boost when Tron's throughput reaches 2000TPS and exceeds Ethereum by a wide margin. Recent observations on how Tron is over "80 times faster than Ethereum" are just added to the heat.

Tron's acquisition of BitTorrent is another of the borders that provided the Sun and TRX community with ammunition against Ethereum.

According to Justin Sun, the union of Tron and BitTorrent means that this is now the world's largest and most advanced peer-to-peer network. "

The idea that BitTorrent makes TRON a better platform has recently been boosted by IOHK's Charles Hoskinson. And Sun recently explained how the P2P platform adapted to the Project Atlas, which wanted to make Tron even bigger and better.

Tron also surpassed EOS in terms of network accounts, with fifth-class EOS that recorded 299,743 network accounts while the TRX account numbered 301604 on September 4.

These numbers reinforce the fact that this project that aims to decentralize the Internet was expanding and growing to an excellent rhythm. Until then, Sun will continue to be very confident about the possibilities of Tron in the encrypted space.

It may not reach the Ethereum levels in a short time, but maintaining the same pace could see claiming a place among the top five projects in the sector.

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