Tron's daily transaction count rises to a third of Ethereum


  Tron's daily transaction count rises to a third of Ethereum

The supporters of the Ethereum "World Supercomputer" could hesitate at the impressive post-mainnet moment of Tron released with the young blockchain having passed a third count of the daily transactions of Ethereum in August.

Tron's progress to date can still be considered significant, opening its second full month of operations with 30,000 transactions, and closing the daily average of the month to 206,000 per day – calculated by TRX bull Tron Colony (e re-tweeted by Tron's founder Justin Sun):

This growth would seem not to be fleeting. With 440.135 recorded on September 1, Tron's transaction count appeared to lick Ethereum – considering 67% of the world's second largest cryptocurrency volume with market capitalization . [19659013] Tron against Ethereum : Fuel on the fire?

The news will invariably give their support to the passionate members of the Tron community, who fought for months Ethereum some of Justin Sun's most combative statements

Having launched Tron as an Ethereum killer , Sun had a tendency to mix the vase between the community Ethereum when it published development updates.

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Tron's recent trumpet player as "the world's largest and most advanced peer-to-peer network" seemed to light up vitriol from Ethereum & # 39; World Supercomputer "bulls, only to be combined with the refutations of the Tron keepers – perhaps typical of the" and-fro "type expected from the tweets of Sun. [1965904] The latest news will arrive as bullish for many, and yet the road ahead could be longer when the [42,4 million] of Ethereum's unique 42 million addresses are reached – with 294,900 total Tron accounts existing at the time of printing.

Yet in Sun's eyes, Tron's acquisition of BitTorrent could be good as the keys of the kingdom:

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