Tron Wallet was released for Android, iOS, Company reveals the stakes in the BitTorrent Founder's Chia network


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Tron Wallet Released for Android, iOS The company reveals the stakes in the Chia network of BitTorrent Founder


Wallet Tron has been reportedly endorsed by Apple and is now available on its App Store.

According to an official post from the Tron team, portfolio development began "with a strong push to build and validate [its] apps" for both Android and iOS operating systems.

While Tron developers have noted that they have experienced some challenges during the development of the Tron Wallet iOS version, they claim that their app is a "carbon copy" of the latest version of Android that supports multiple accounts and provides also a column for its users.

"Minimalist design", "Too cluttered for non-Nical People technology"

Tron Wallet's Github page describes it as "a decentralized P2P crypt portfolio [peer-to-peer]" for TRON (TRX). So far, the Apple iOS version of the crypto portfolio has received positive reviews with a reviewer (username: terenas) who comments that it has a sleek "minimalist design" and a useful multi-wallet functionality. Meanwhile, the user Aeiou430 wrote that "the wallet is easy to use, the vote is simple and [you’re] finally connected to the Tron Network."

Although it may be too early to evaluate the overall usability of the iOS version of the Tron wallet, the Android version has received some negative reviews. A user named Wayne Modz wrote that the Android version of the wallet is "too cluttered for non-technical people", and another user, Anil Ragam, claimed to have deposited 1 Bitcoin (BTC) in his wallet, "but [it displayed an error message] said bitcoin address invalid when [he] was sent to [another BTC address]. "

Presumably, these problems will be resolved as Tron developers continue to release updates for Tron Wallet. It is also worth noting that this new open source cryptographic portfolio was released at a time when the Tron team also revealed that they had a small stake in the Chia Network.

"Small Stake" in the Chia network of Bitorrent Founder [19659008] The Chia Network is based on a cryptocurrency protocol developed by BitTorrent founder Bram Cohen, who recently left BitTorrent Inc., shortly after being acquired by the startup of Tron blockchain by Justin Sun.

According to the official website of Chia, the cryptographic platform presents "a digital currency and a pre-launch blockchain" in which the participants in the network "cultivate" (or mine) the Chia coins by allocating "unused storage space [disk]".

The stated goal of this new type of consensus mechanism is "to avoid wasting huge amounts of electricity [as is the case with proof-of-work based networks] to protect a blockchain and reduce the centralization of mining."

The documents they reportedly shared with Coindesk that Tron's participation in the Chia network includes a full release of "part of the crypto (IP) intellectual property in exchange for a future agreement to invest up to $ 50,000 in the company." 19659005] Commenting on the agreement, a representative of Chia Network said:

"There was no license or assignment of rights from BitTorrent to Bram [Cohen] or Chia. All software and related intellectual property rights used internally or distributed by Chia have been developed by Chia employees or contractors, licensed by third parties or available in the public domain. Chia is committed to open source. "

At present it is not yet clear what exactly Tron's participation will be in the Chia network. Both parties have yet to comment further on their agreement.

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