Tron (TRX) will dominate in the third quarter of 2018 and beyond



There was a feeling of exhaustion from investors among the Tron Community (TRX) of HODLer who were waiting for a moon landing of their favorite digital resource. In just one year, the Tron project has completed some businesses seen only by Fortune 500 companies. We are talking about acquisitions and partnerships from around the world within a year. We have the acquisition of BitTorrent and its endless possibilities that will be processed in a few. We also have the Tron Foundation working with MOSHROOM, a smart portable toilet manufacturer with the goal of improving public health in the largest region of China and India.

So why Tron Dominate in Q3 and Beyond?

Unbeknownst to many, the Tron Mainnet has not yet begun to "host" decentralized applications. The current version of Tron Virtual Machine is a trial version that is for the developer world to test the drive and find the bugs before the main Virtual Machine is updated on the Mainnet on August 30th. This means that the DApp Tron as Peiwo with 10 million users still need to be migrated to the Mainnet. Once done, the Tron network instantly gets 10 million accounts and users. There are also 17 DApps that have yet to migrate to Tron Mainnet. Once this has been accomplished, it's all for the Tron platform.

Secondly, in the Tron Community there is the excitement that there will be a decentralized Exchange built or oriented towards token trading that will be created on the fully integrated Mainnet. We all need to remember that the Tron network will be capable of a smart contract with a speed of 2,000 transactions per second. This means that tokenization will be a breeze for any ICOs that want to build on the Tron network. There is also the ability for artists and content creators to fund their projects crowdfunding using the Tron network and their own token with dividend sharing capabilities. These tokens will need a decentralized exchange that is called TRXMarket.

Tron Decentralized Exchange

Thirdly, the Tron community is at the forefront of adopting cryptocurrencies. We have cases where TRX is accepted as a form of payment for taxis in Spain and in restaurants in the same country. There is also with over 20,000 stores in Spain and Italy where you can buy TRX. The pace and speed with which TRX is becoming a medium of exchange are surprising and may soon eclipse larger coins like Litecoin. We have also made sure that TRX is part of the Bitcoin Superstore.

The fourth and last reason why TRON will dominate in the third quarter of 2018 is Justin Sun's vision of a decentralized Internet. After the acquisition of BitTorrent, Justin chaired a company-wide meeting – the offices of San Francisco and Beijing – facilitated by videoconference. During the meeting, Justin outlined his vision of the return of the internet in the hands of users. It is said that:

"Internet was decentralized when it was created." Since Web 1.0 in the 80s, we believed that Internet services should be built on an open protocol shared by the web community … TRON intends to be the largest decentralized Internet ecosystem in the world With the mission of decentralizing the Internet once again, we are dedicated to making decentralized Internet services available to everyone in the world. "

The mission to decentralize the Web begins now and it will take between 10 and 20 years. Justin and the Tron Foundation are committed to this vision. This process will be made possible by the integration of the BitTorrent platform through Project Atlas.

In conclusion, investor fatigue is very understandable in relation to TRX. But it is often said that greatness comes with obstacles. One of the obstacles is the current bear market that prevents TRON from being excellent in the markets. But that's OK, since all the attention is paid to developing a solid platform from the Tron Foundation.

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