Tron (TRX) The daily transaction has increased by 741%, other news confirm its beauty


Tron (TRX) is back again in the crypto space to show his remarkable results in various areas two months after his Independence Day. The cryptocurrency flaunts the fact that its daily transaction has increased by 741% since July.

In a notification message sent to the Tron community today, Tron Foundation announced that the account numbers are 29 th of August on the Tron network is 282.859, which means it is increased by 1,431% compared to July.

Tron promoted account numbers on the platform compared to when the Mainnet was launched, increased by 46.500% since 25 June.

However, compared with Tron's accounts on Ethereum, it has increased 11-fold. Interestingly, the Tron account is now on par with EOS.

Rising daily transaction

Tron has reached 416.497 peak daily transactions on August 26, with a massive increase of 751% since July. When the single-day transaction is compared to the launch of the Mainnet, it has increased by 13565%.

In the meantime, Tron's single-day transaction is 46 times that of Ethereum. At present, the one-day transaction of the Tron network has 31% of that of Ethereum.

The cryptocurrency said that in terms of decentralization it is doing much better than Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Competition between Tron and Ethereum

Tron intends to outperform the Ethereum network in every possible way. On the 26th July, Justin Sun, the co-founder of Tron, compared Tron's network with Ethereum, stating that it is 80 times faster.

Tweeted: "TRON is 80 times faster than Ethereum With 14 years of experience, @ BitTorrent provides a world-class service to 100 million users in 138 countries. Add the two together and get the peer-to-network The world's largest and most advanced in the world! #TRONBT $ TRX "

Earlier, Justin had dropped heavy information on Twitter, claiming that Tron is now better than his time on the Ethereum network. Although the critics have received myriad comments, in fact even the Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum has teased the cryptocenota.

Not long ago, Justin Sun published a picture showing why Tron is better than Ethereum.

He tweeted: "Because # TRON is better than #ETH : 1. 10000TPS vs 25TPS 2. zero fee against high altitude 3. Constant coincidence against no coinburn 4. Java vs. Solidity 5. Strong extensibility vs. no ex 6. Rewards for developers from 1 billion dollars compared to no plan 7. 100 million users compared to a small number #TRX $ TRX [19659017] "

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