Tron [TRX] smashes its highest record transaction with over 3 million transactions


The week has started with all the cryptocurrencies doing well in comparison to the previous week. This includes Tron, the tenth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. The coin, which dethroned Monero [XMR], the most sought-after privacy coins, continued to advance in the market, both in terms of ranking and development.

The cryptocurrency which is aiming at surpassing Ethereum and Bitcoin, has crossed a new milestone. Tron has crossed the three million mark in terms of daily network transactions. The network had breached the two million mark just a few days ago, showing that it is on its path to a faster progress.

Tron transaction chart | Source: Tron Scan

Tron transaction chart | Source: Tron Scan

CryptoG20, a twitterati, said:

"Nice! It is a blockchain transaction. Real use case? It's a real transaction. Use: that's the case. Looking forward to see how Tron ecosystem evolves! #TRX "

Misha Lederman, another twitterati, said:

"#TRON broke a historical record in daily transactions on Dec 16: #TRX handled 3 million Txs The highest record daily Txs the Top 5 coins ever processed? #Bitcoin: 490k #Ethereum: 1.34 mln #Ripple: 1.65 mln #Tether: 15k #Stellar: 404k The Balance of Power is Shifting – $ TRX

The total transactions on the network have also been marked with a significant growth.

Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of the Tron Foundation, said:

"#TRON has reached 100 million transactions today […] In 173 days. "

Tron overall transaction | Source: Tron Scan

Tron overall transaction | Source: Tron Scan

Additionally, Justin Sun is also expecting a significant progress in the dApps built on Tron network. In the month of November 2018, the founder had stated that he was expecting 80+ more dApps on the network in December, claiming at 400% growth for the month.

On which, he said:

"Now we have 39 Dapps built on #TRON. Half way to go! "

Moreover, the foundation has been relentlessly working towards making Tron a developer friendly ecosystem. Sun has submitted two proposals this month, one aiming at reducing the energy from 20 sun to 10 sun, and the second aim at increasing the energy limit.

Both the proposals were approved by the governance committee of the community. Along with this, the Foundation unveiled the Tron Arcade, a 100-million fund for gaming developers, for the next three years.

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