Tron (TRX) Prediction of prices: TRX to hit $ 12 by the end of 2019 (TRX Forecast 2019) TRX News


Tron (TRX) is one of the most performing digital currencies on the market. It is a decentralized technology (blockchain) that aims to create a free global entertainment platform where users can send, upload, own, publish and archive data. Tron is a non-profit organization located in Singapore.

Over 90 percent of Tron's trading takes place on Binance – one of the best digital currency trading platforms in the world. The Tron Foundation's ambition is to conquer the entertainment market, which is now valued at over $ 1 trillion.

TRON price today: current TRX price

At the time of writing, the digital currency holds the number 10 position in the list of the main digital currencies based on market capitalization.

Prediction Tron prices (TRX) for 2019

As one of the fastest growing and fastest growing digital currencies, Tron (TRX) has so much caliber and potential to grow in the digital currency currency market. According to forecasts, the digital currency will see a big turning point by the end of this year.

Analysts have predicted that the value of the digital currency could touch the $ 12 mark by the end of 2019. Based on the analysis of the current value of the digital currency, they also predicted that by 2020 the value of Tron could reach $ 52.91.

Tron is a new project with lots of potentials, and has also secured many partnerships. Its partnerships and its benefits could play a vital role in its value in the coming weeks, months and years.

Tron Blockchain has reached 100 million transactions in 173 days

Justin Sun has released this statement after the blockchain reached an important milestone at the start of this month. The network reached 100 million transactions over a period of 173 days. This means that an average of 578,034 transactions are executed every day on Tron's blockchain.

Tron sees more about using Dapp

Martin Koppelmann said that a key statistic to be used to measure the growth rate of a smart contract protocol is the number of decentralized apps that interact with each other and the use of decentralized apps. Koppelmann is the founder of – a market platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. According to Koppelmann: "The use of Dapps is the number we are interested in. The next thing is to look for the number of decentralized apps that interact with each other and benefit from one another to be on the same platform. As a side effect, the value of Ethereum (ETH) will therefore be a function of the application for app use in this open, reliable and interrelated environment. "Tron is an intelligent contract protocol just like Ethereum, and the value of Tron comes from the ecosystem of its decentralized apps and active users.

The use of Tron Dapp exceeds that of Ethereum

The first three decentralized apps on the Tron network have an average of 2,300 users. TRONbet records 2,500 active users and a transaction volume of two million on a daily basis, according to DappRadar. DappRadar is an online platform that provides data on the use of decentralized apps on the main blockchain networks. In comparison, the top three decentralized blocker applications of Ethereum have an average of 700 users. The three largest decentralized apps on the network are IDEX, Crypto Heroes and ForkDelta. However, EOS represents the largest number of decentralized app users on its network.

EOS is the second most valuable smart contract protocol in the world after Ethereum. The first three Dapp on the network have on average almost 5,000 users; this is more than the Dapp users of Ethereum and Tron put together. The first three Dapp on EOS are EOS Knights, PRA CandyBox and EOSBet. The use of Dapp on the Tron network has recently surpassed that of Ethereum in terms of daily active users and decentralized apps. Tron and EOS have focused more on scalability in the last two months. They are focusing more on scalability in their development in order to support the largest possible number of decentralized apps in the ecosystem. This is something that Ethereum is missing, which is why many developers on the network are now moving towards the blockchain of EOS or Tron.

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