Tron (TRX) Network Blockchain Community Project?

  tronbox review

TRONBOX is a community project based on a decentralized platform with goals aligned to TRON Network. Collectively, their goal is to establish a community that closely interacts with the TRON platform, with the goal of strengthening together.

With a huge number of TRX owners all over the world, TRONBOX not only derives the solid technological base of TRON but also inherits a solid and passionate TRONIC community.

Characteristics of TRONBOX

  • Collaborative Holding : The cryptocurrency market is new and growing rapidly. The ability to make money in this growing market is profitable. However, history has revealed that very few professional traders have succeeded sustainably. Over 95% of short-term traders are losing money or making very little money. Only long-term and intelligent investors have great opportunities for success. By identifying the growth potential and potential of the TRON platform, the TRONBOX project has developed a collaborative participation portal that helps its members actively keep the TRX, towards a better and successful future for all
  • Online entertainment portal : based on the strengths of TRON Network, TRONBOX will promote online entertainment development projects, with the goal of building a strong social network based on the decentralized platform of TRON. The TRONBOX online entertainment portal will include extremely fun online games and exciting prize games. Sports prediction games will also be added to the TRONBOX online entertainment portal.
  • Personal health development : In addition to money and morals, personal health is a precious resource for every person. They are developing a line of products that support its members to practice and take care of their personal health every day.

TRONBOX & # 39; s Ecosystem

  • TRON Saving Program : TRONBOX will launch three rescue packages: T-100 (100 TRX); T-400 (400 TRX) and T-2000 (2 000 TRX) with a monthly interest rate of up to 5% depending on the rescue packages, the selected term and the additional TRONBOX rule. And the income of the TRONBOX member did not stop there either. TRONBOX.CO has 9 ways to earn including the main Bonus; Direct sponsor bonus; Fast Start Bonus; Match bonus; Matching bonus; Bonus Plus match; Maintenance bonus; Placement bonuses and promotion bonuses
  • Application M-Walks : The application for personal health is becoming more and more rooted in modern society. M-Walks is a new product from TRONBOX that helps members practice and take care of their personal health and increase their income every day. The M-Walks application with features includes stages of tracking healthy lifestyle advice, fitness gamification and earning prizes. If you participate in the award programs, you will earn a daily reward by reaching the goal of that day.

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