TRON (TRX) Launch a multi-million dollar program to accelerate cryptocurrency projects


Cryptocurrency, TRON (TRX) –Despite the fate and the darkness surrounding the crypto market, prices for Bitcoin and most of the altcoin market reach their relative minimum for 2018, a currency has managed to find ways to spark some enthusiasm in the cryptocurrency and blockchain.

TRON, the eleventh currency by market capitalization, recently announced the launch of an acceleration program that will help support and promote developers who build DApp and other applications on their platform. In addition to providing resources to developers, the initiative has a $ 1 million loan to help financially reinvigorate the new innovation, with the goal of growing both the cryptocurrency space and the protocol established by the parent.

According to the TRON Foundation press release, the blockchain innovation program will be launched on November 17, giving a small glimmer of hope as market prices continue to see red. TRON was able to recover some percentage points of the price drop that occurred across the entire cryptocurrency line, but, regardless of the current valuation, it is doing its part to continue to drive interest and promote development in the sector. As many analysts have pointed out in the course of the bear market in progress in 2018, the cryptocurrency space has grown exponentially in terms of product development and consumer adoption, with far-reaching industries such as automakers and social media seeking to integrate cryptography and blockchain.

Accompanying the press release, there were some details about the acceleration program, with the aim of building new and interesting projects rather than remodeling what has already been done in terms of cryptocurrency capacity. The first phases of the program are aimed at supporting developers and startups that create DApp using the TRON network, an interesting proposal for creators given the growing transactional volume of TRON and the over 600,000 active TRX wallets,

"TRON Accelerator is a $ 1,000,000 online competition that rewards up to 56 winning DApp projects across multiple categories, with the first prize including a reward of US $ 200,000. Prizes are product-based, teams can submit multiple products and potentially win more rewards. "

TRON has created tidal waves in the cryptocurrency space and decentralized technology following the acquisition of the giant BitTorrent file sharing peer-to-peer, with the company further committed to integrating the service on the TRON platform through the Internet. initiative of the Atlas project. Torrenting could be a way in which currency is further distinguished in the crowded cryptocurrency space, but the currency offers a strong networking capability through the main network platform. DApps, like those currently on high profile Ethereum, are one of the most invigorating projects that come out of the crypt space in recent years.

Rather than relying on the TRX currency to be another transactional cryptocurrency, founder Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation are continuing to find ways to attract the interest of developers and attract creators who are willing to build new technologies in the cryptocurrency space. Despite the collapse this week in the cryptocurrency assessment, which saw tens of billions wiped out by market capitalization, TRON has committed itself to investing in the long-term growth of its platform and the industry in general.

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