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Tron (TRX) Hits Next Landmark Achievements: Justin Sun confirms

Reaching new milestones has become a daily routine for the project that gave birth to the tenth largest cryptogenetic market capitalization. Only two days before New Year's Eve, the founder of TRON TRX celebrated together with his solidly united crypto-community reaching the 100 million triggers of the contract.

Known for having already supported a large amount of intelligent contracts, the C triggers are functions which begins on booting of smart contracts. In October, it was made public that over 90 smart contracts have already been launched on the rapidly growing network. With yesterday's 100 million c triggers, it was determined that they will be implemented even more on the platform.

In less than a year since Tron's launch of MainNetwork, Ethereum's main technological competitor, has reached one million user addresses. While congratulating the community and the team behind the medal, Mr. Sun invited Ethereum developers to move to Tron because the project is thriving in many ways that can be witnessed.

Ethereum, on the other hand, made sure that many felt disappointed, since it did not happen much in 2018. But TRON and Ethereum bots show unique movement patterns in terms of recovering value compared to the rest of the market . Standing strong above the $ 135.00 level – ETH presents a more resilient pattern against sellers than the Bitcoin BTC package leader.

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