Tron (TRX) gathers while other developers migrate to the platform


Momentum in Physics is defined as the product of the mass of a body and its velocity. The impulse of a body on earth can not continue to be constant as theirs are other forces that prevent movement (friction, resistance of air, etc.). But in ideal situations, the momentum of a body can continue to be constant and can also be increased through acceleration. The Tron project (TRX) is part of the last condition described: it has continued with the momentum that it has had since its inception last year as an idea on a whitepaper. The project also seems to accelerate in terms of development / construction and transactions on its network.

Over 2.53 million transactions in 24 hours and 32,293 address increments in one day

On December 13th, the Tron project reached a new milestone by recording 2.53 million transactions in one day and a growth of 32.293 in the same period.

By checking Tronscan again, we find that the number of daily transactions now amounts to $ 2.65 million and the daily increment of the account is now 12.463.

Other developers who migrate to the platform

The founder and CEO of the project, Justin Sun, underlined the success obtained on the 13th by a tweet explaining that this was due to the developers of the Ethereum and EOS networks that were migrating to Tron. The tweet can be found below.

Tron current moment

When we look at Tron's recent and future developments, we realize that the bear market has had no effect on the progress of its project outside the market value of TRX. Below is a brief summary of the recent and future results of the project.

  • Two decentralized exchanges that are fully operational. One is on and the second is the recently launched TRX.Market
  • Cinciando point 10 from Cardano (ADA) on
  • Justin and the Tron Foundation encourage developers to migrate to the platform through the $ 1 million acceleration program
  • the NiTRON also in January
  • A prosperous and enthusiastic community

What will happen to Tron?

As we approach the end of 2018 in the current bear market, the Tron project will continue to grow as it expands its reach into developer and investor communities around the world. Through the creation of DApps on the platform and regular meetings in which development is discussed, the Project eclipses many as it shows no signs of slowing down.

Market performance of TRX

As mentioned earlier, Tron (TRX) is in 10th place according to market capitalization. It is tempting to state that, if it were a normal stable cryptographic market, TRX would easily be one of the top 5 coins because of its progress in development on a daily basis. This also leads us to conclude that the currency is highly discounted at $ 0.0127 for TRX at the time of writing this.

It is worth noting that BTC is currently valued at $ 3,224 as the total capitalization of the crypto-market seeks to remain above the value of $ 100 billion. This means that TRX is not just in terms of value depreciation.

What are your opinions on the Tron project? Do you think it has the momentum as we enter 2019? Let us know in the comments section below.

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