Tron (TRX) Details of the Project Atlas have a community concern for implementation

  Tron (TRX) Details of the Atlas of the Project Have a Concerned Implementation Community

Tron hit the encrypted titles as the most controversial currency in the industry following the recent acquisition of BitTorrent, which it is among the largest Torrent in the world . These acquisition rumors have fluctuated in the encrypted world since September 2017 and have since been confirmed by the two parties involved. [19659003] The acquisition of BitTorrent has made Tron the largest decentralized platform globally. Tron has worked to make the Internet decentralized. This is the same case as BitTorrent has made efforts to democratize the Internet.

Founder and CEO (Tron Foundation CEO Justin Sun said Tron was planning to integrate with BitTorrent and launched the Project Atlas, he said this during the beta revelation of the Tron Virtual Machine beta mode. Information on this project was subsequently released during the launch of TVM.

What the acquisition aims to achieve

Sun continued saying that the acquisition will push the new ecosystem to advance global payments and will help to regulate products and content online.The project will introduce a personalized token token to achieve its objectives and eliminate the limits inherent to the BitTorrent network.

Once the system is up and running, it will reward users with tokens for upload useful content on this platform.The system, using tokens, will encourage them to continue sowing even after completing a d ownload. The project leader said that users will have to use the tokens provided to them by the system just because there will be no mining activities.

Reactions to this acquisition

There were conflicting reactions from different parties involved in this project. Part of the community is thrilled that BitTorrent is about to rise to Netflix levels while others are worried about how this plan should be performed.

It is important to note that most of the BitTorrent content is pirated. It is for this reason that part of the community is worried about the possible lawsuits that could meet this ecosystem in the future. If, for example, projects add value to this content, it will surely attract the attention of owners of intellectual property that will lead to a barrage of lawsuits.

According to an anonymous Reddit contributor, BitTorrent has long managed to circumvent the law because its content has never been sold or involved in any financial transaction. Having no added value made it difficult for anyone to file a lawsuit for property theft. If some value is added to the content of this site, it will probably attract some of the most intense lawsuits ever.

The comment continues that even if the project is interesting, the two sides must be aware of what they put in. If they fail to follow the right procedures, the organizations involved could come after them and completely close the foundations.

Responding to the above statements, another commentator noted that Torrents are widely used for illegal content, but they also serve a useful purpose by allowing open source companies to share large files and save them immensely on operational costs. The illegal content that may have been distributed on this platform has nothing to do with Tron's acquisition plan.

The Redditor responded by saying that there is a possibility that the Torrent will be used for illegal things, but the legal aspect of this case will outweigh the illegal side. It will only be on the Internet with good or bad and with memes. However, considering that this is distributed on the Internet, there will be no way to stop memes.

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