Tron (TRX) Daily price forecast – November 15th

Tron (TRX) Blockchain Network to release a new one

Medium-term TRX / USD trend: bearish

Supply areas: $ 0.02500, $ 0.02600, $ 0.02700
Required zones: $ 0.01600, $ 0.01500, $ 0.01400

TRX continues in a bearish trend in its medium-term prospects. The strong bearish pressure that began on November 7 with a downtroddened downward hammer at $ 0.02470 and confirmed on the 9th with a bearish Marubozu at $ 0.02350 sustained momentum with a massive fall in the TRXUSD price to $ 0.01866 in Demand area.

This was the minimum of the lost Brief at the time the continuation returned the bulls while TRXUSD rose to $ 0.01991 in the refueling area and closed at $ 0.01989 while yesterday's session ended .

Today's 4 hour opening candle at $ 0.01995 swallowed yesterday's closing candle and dropped the cryptocurrency to $ 0.01861 in the demand area today.

The price is lower than the two EMAs which imply a strong bear pressure confirmed by the stochastic oscillator in the oversold region of 15%.

The goal at $ 0.01819 in the demand area can be reached in the medium term with more candles open and closed under the EMA crossover due to bear pressure.

Short-term trend TRX / USD: bearish

The cryptocurrency continues in a bearish trend in its short-term prospects. After the massive price drop from $ 0.02240 in the supply area to $ 0.01866 in the demand area, the flags were created as the short return of the bulls stage.

$ 0.02000 in the supply area was the maximum cryptocurrency reached this morning before the bears took it to $ 0.01861 in the demand area.

Currently, another flag has been created and strong bear pressure should be expected to push the price lower in the demand area before the end of today to give the lowest minimum of the day shortly term.

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