Tron (TRX Coin) sees the integration in the Expous Criptovaluta trading platform

  Tron (TRX Coin) sees the integration in the trading platform of Expous Cryptocurrency

Exodus, a cryptocurrency trading platform published an announcement on September 14 th stating that Tron ( TRX) had been integrated into its latest version dubbed 1.60.0 . Its managing director and founder, Justin Tron, continued to tweet.


The Exodus platform is famous among the cryptocurrency enthusiasts for its power to evaluate the Mainnet coins, as well as being able to develop the infrastructure necessary to ensure that its coins remain active for all its users. To date, Exodus still provides token exchange support for all users using TRX ERC20 tokens on the platform.

In addition, it also provides a function for TRX holders to store, as well as exchange tokens without the need to use centralized exchanges or private key properties. Separately, Exodus also announced its decision to add USDT, which it would exchange under its etherum section.

The exchange also provides support for the Mainnet exchange for those using Vechain tokens. His team is currently working to add it to EOS, although it did not provide a timetable for when this should happen.

Market Cap

Currently, Tron is trading at the thirteenth position on the basis of data obtained from market capitalization. It trades at a rate of $ 0.019 and has a total market capitalization of $ 1.3 billion. Prior to its integration into Exodus, the Tron foundation had announced the day before a burn of the coins of its fifth batch of TRX ERC20.

Before the announcement, there was a significant increase of around 9% in prices. As of last night, it was noted that TRX had exceeded the $ 0.020 mark. However, the currency was able to move to its bearish end and reached its current price.

More information on Tron

TRON has undoubtedly come a long way since it was launched in 2017. It is a company that has been able to reach the first position in a short time, a fact that has led it to become one of the most interesting projects within the cryptocurrency community.

It is a fact that can be attributed mainly to the team behind its development and the hard work of its CEO and founder Justin Sun. Sun is a man of Chinese heritage and is considered among the brightest minds of Asia and neighboring continents. Sun is also a former student of Jack Ma (Alibaba).

The TRON community holds it in high regard for keeping them always informed of what is happening in the company as it happens. The CEO has been known to share all the moves that TRON will make regarding its updates, partnerships and developments as they arise, a fact that many enthusiastic encrypted people seem to appreciate.

Despite the many upheavals that have been experienced by the market in recent months, TRON seems to recover from these blows and is eager to become a market leader.

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