Tron (TRX), Cardano (ADA) and BAT

  Abra Bitcoin Wallet adds new coins "title =" Abra Bitcoin Wallet adds new coins "/> </div>
<p><strong>  Abra revealed that he will now support Tron (TRX), Basic Attention Token (BAT) and Cardano (ADA) on his intuitive app </strong> .This app allows investors to buy, invest, store and trade in more than 28 different cryptocurrencies in one place.You can finance your Abra without problems by bank transfer, Litecoin, bitcoin, debit / credit card and start trading the major cryptographic currencies. </p>
<p>  The decision to add TRX, ADA and BAT was driven by more user requests and developers were forced to meet the needs of the community. </p>
<h2>  Abra Bitcoin Wallet adds new coins </h2>
<p>  Here is a brief overview of the new cryptographic coins now available on Abra: </p>
<h3>  Cardano (ADA) </h3>
<p>  Cardano is similar to the Ethereum project, and is a block platform multilevel created for bridging the gap between conventional and emerging cryptocurrency financial infrastructures. The use of multi-layered architecture allows Cardano to offer better scalability with customization and rapid updates. </p>
<h3>  Tron (TRX) </h3>
<p>  Tron was founded last year in 2017 and was created to improve the storage and sharing of files for the entertainment industry across the world. The vision is to transform the current economic and business structure of content sharing by connecting consumers and producers of content in a secure and decentralized way. This company recently acquired the BitTorrent P2P file sharing platform as part of the expansion process. </p>
<h3>  Basic Attention Token (BAT) </h3>
<p>  BAT is a crucial part of a vast ecosystem that seems to transform the way digital advertising works. This token runs on Ethereum's blockchain and plans to monetize users' attention and improve the relationship between consumers, advertisers and internet publishers through tracker destruction. </p>
<h2>  Giving Abra Users Other options crypto </h2>
<p>  <em> Abra </em> revealed that he was pleased to list the new cryptographic coins on his platform, still giving the certainty that he is still working to get more altcoin for his users. Before any currency is listed in this app, it must go through a rigorous and complete verification process, which includes the control of various factors such as currency liquidity, among others. Once a currency meets all these criteria, they are added to the Abra currency system, thus exploiting the stable currency model of the platforms. </p>
<p>  More importantly, since all these coins are based on the blockchain, Abra's app portfolio is safer and non-custodial. The app also has a simple user interface with easy financing options that include the ability to buy bitcoins from bank accounts directly, wire transfers, Mastercard and Visa. </p>
<p>  To access these new coins, you need to update your Abra app on your phone. <em> Abra </em> wants to ensure that its customers can invest in any cryptocurrency they want quickly and easily, without having to deal with high commissions and multiple transactions. </p>
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