TRON (TRX) announces Airdrop for Welcome LINE in the Crypto community



A new statement from the TRON Foundation and TRON creator Justin Sun has announced a new airdrop event for the TRON community. The event will be a collaboration between TRON (TRX) and a known exchange of cryptocurrency called Bitbox.

Furthermore, the event will serve as a way to welcome the LINE company in the community of cryptocurrencies.

New Tron airdrop to celebrate the list of LINKS on Bitboxes

LINE has recently launched its own digital currency called LINK (LN). Furthermore, the event will be a kind of celebration of the inclusion of LINKS on Bitboxes. After being listed, LINK must be associated with several other digital currencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT) and Ethereum (ETH).

Immediately after ad of the list of LINKS on Bitbox, TRON has confirmed its participation and partnership in an airdrop event hosted by Bitbox.

Currently, LINK use cases are relatively limited to single use, which will include dApps. However, it is expected that the currency will soon become available on additional channels, which will bring numerous additional use cases.

Justin Sun's new announcement came just after last week's statement that TRON is working on a new secret partnership. At the time, Sun's announcement that it came via Twitter received a lot of attention. The entire cryptic community has begun to speculate on the identity of the anonymous company.

Sun's statement did not provide much evidence to go on, except that the company is very large and that its value includes tens of billions of dollars. This led many to assume that the company he referred to was none other than Baidu, a large Chinese browser, often compared to Google itself.

So far, neither TRON nor Baidu have confirmed that this is the case, however, and the announcement continues to challenge the crypto community to date. If true, this would probably be the most important partnership that TRON has entered so far. Experts believe that the price of TRON will skyrocket as the Baidu partnership receives official confirmation.

As for LINE, the fact that its token will be officially listed on Bitbox marks a significant milestone in the implementation of a company's token economy. The CEO of LINE, Takeshi Idezawa, commented on the move stating that it is an important step forward in business plans, which include the creation of a premium economy that will reward participation.

Also, the airdrop to be held on Bitbox should be just the first of many. As mentioned, this will only involve TRON (TRX). As for future events on Bitbox, there are already plans such as discounts on LINK in cases where the currency is used to pay the trading fees.

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