TRON releases the weekly update, it exceeds the highest transaction volume of the registered Ethereum


Tron has published his weekly update for the period from November 10th to November 16th. The usual suspects – market transactions, activities in various Tron communities and completed work are the salient points of the weekly update. Tron also received attention from the Iranian media and co-hosted a boat party in Portugal for more than 200 people including blockchain industry leaders, enthusiasts and special guests.

Market transactions and technical development

Tron has been doing very well since its launch on MainNet on June 25th. The number of Tron MainNet transactions per day reached 1.36 million, twice that of Ethereum, "Overcoming the highest volume of transactions of Ethereum recorded (1.34 million during [a] rising market). "

Tron went so far as to claim that:

"The volume of Ethereum transactions will never exceed Tron, and this marked the beginning of a new chapter in history."

The data obtained by Tronscan show that the height of the Tron block has exceeded 4 million and the total registered accounts reached almost 600,000.

Tron's native currency, TRX, is now supported by Scatter which allows users to import their TRX portfolio into Scatter.

The technical team has improved the design documentation of the transaction priority and designed the light node plan. The team is still working to optimize the database update logic, anonymous transactions and token functions.

The developer community has revamped the developer documentation API reference page and added the transaction signature guide. The page was visited by 12,000 people in a space of 7 days.

The Tron community has released Snatch-Tron, a quality Dapp based on Tron's intelligent contract. The Dapp is an interactive game that supports more players and is different from traditional games that mainly favor early arrivals on latecomers. Snatch-Tron allows latecomers to earn money by playing and not waiting for more people to participate in the game. Tron noted that "more than 200 million TRXs have been processed on TRONdice and TRONbet within a month".

Partnerships and global media

Tron attended the Web Summit and spoke on "How Blockchain technology changes The consumer experience" is "How to present and distribute content in the next era of the digital content world".

Tron is recognized globally and, as a result, its founder, Justin Sun's Facebook followers, has exceeded 2 million. Tron was on the move as he held a meeting with Team Tronics in New York and co-hosted a Boat Party in Lisbon, Portugal.

At the boat party, 15 teams shared their business ideas with investors, while other participants deepened their knowledge of the Tron blockchain platform and its vision.

Tron is gaining ground in Iran after he has been mentioned several times in the Islamic nation's media. The Iranian media recognized Tron as one of the best performing cryptocurrencies in the third week of October.




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