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Tron Price Prediction for 2019: How much would TRX cost in 2019?

At the beginning of January, Tron ranked 9th in the first 100 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization on CoinMarketCap.

Our series of articles on cryptocurrencies and their forecasts for 2019 and beyond have been supplemented with an article on Tron 2019 price forecasting. We will discuss scenarios on coin price forecasting. The 2018 results will also be referred to as the starting point for our price forecast article.

Results of 2018

At the beginning of January, Tron ranked 9th in the first 100 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization on CoinMarketCap. Tron has a current value of $ 0.023808, a market capitalization of $ 1.586.908.038, a volume for the last twenty hours of $ 121.976.029, the circulating supply of 66.631.954.397 TRX and the total supply of TRX.

On January 1, 2018, the price of Tron was $ 0.044682, a peak was formed at the beginning of January 2018 at the price of $ 0.224499 and since then a decline for the remaining 2018 has followed. current of $ 0.023808 represents a decrease of 48% compared to the price of January 1, 2018. What experts think and think of Tron in 2019?

Price forecast Tron 2018

Our Tron price forecast for the remaining 2018 and more precisely for December 2018 in our article called "Tron Price Prediction for December: One-Month Performance of -42.39%, Can This Change?" It was that "The current trend is a strong downtrend and if we have to make a TRX price forecast for the remaining 2018 it is in favor of lower prices.What is a potential range for our price forecast? A level of $ 0.010 – $ 0.08 for the end of 2018. "

The recent Tron rally in the last 24 hours of about 10% and a current price of $ 0.020729 showed that our prediction on the price of Tron coins was wrong. Our prediction of trx coin prices was based on the current downturn which has changed direction in the last two weeks. What are Tron's price forecasts for the year 2019?

Price forecast Tron 2019

The Four Tron coin prediction opinions are presented below as the first approach on what the value of Tron could be in 2019:

  • WalletInvestor.com is very pessimistic about Tron's future business prospects for a 1-year forecast value of $ 0.000330 or a fall of almost 98%. According to this prediction, if the price is set to go to this very low level, the recent rally would be an opportunity to sell the cryptocurrency. However, this article is strictly informative and does not provide any trading recommendation.
  • Smartereum is on the other side with a very different and much wider prediction. They report that analysts are very optimistic about Tron in 2019. Their Tron predictions by the end of 2019 are priced at $ 12, which is based on fundamental factors, partnerships and benefits, important catalysts for the future price of cryptocurrency.
  • CoinSwitch is also very optimistic about the price of Tron in 2019. They have a range of $ 0.05 – $ 0.06 for the first two quarters of 2019. By the end of 2019 the price could reach $ 0.11, which is positive compared to last year. In 2019, Tron will have positive effects from two important factors, security and privacy.
  • TradingBeasts.com has the following trx forecasts for 2019. In January an expected price of $ 0.02 and in December 2019 a minimum price of $ 0.05, a maximum price of $ 0.07 and an average price of $ 0 , 05.

Price forecast Tron 2019

Theoofy.com presents some alternative scenarios on the TRX price forecast in 2019 on the basis of positive and negative factors such as the high volume of exchanges and the large circulating offer. There is a wide price range of $ 0.3 – $ 0.7 for 2019, which is very optimistic compared to the current price of $ 0.020662.

An important note is that the hiring of the constant circulating offer. If the supply changes, this will result in a change in the market and token price. While this is an important note, we mention the fact that key factors such as prospects and business applications and a broader adoption of Blockchain technology around the world would be very important factors to consider. Regulation is also a key factor for the future price of cryptocurrencies.

Tron 2020 price forecast

For 2020, TradingBeasts.com expects that in January 2020 a minimum price of $ 0.05, a maximum price of $ 0.08 and an average price of $ 0.06 can be expected. By the end of 2020, in December, strong price appreciation is expected with minimum, maximum and average prices of $ 0.21, $ 0.30 and $ 0.24 respectively.

CoinSwitch predicts that in 2020 Tron could reach $ 0.4 for the first time and will be a year of greater volatility compared to 2019. By the end of 2020, the price is expected to fall from the level of $ 0.30 to $ 0.24 in December 2020. Smartereum mentioned by 2020, the currency would trade at $ 52.91.

Price forecast Tron 2025

Can we make an accurate prediction of the value of Tron in 2025 between five or six years? Logic says that the more we go forward in the future, the less reliable Tron's predictions are. But for informational purposes here are some forecasts and TRX pricing forecasts for 2025. DigitalCoin predicts that Tron's price in 2025 will reach a maximum value of $ 0.10024417 in May. By the end of 2025 in December the price could fall to $ 0.06084865. Another prediction made by thenexttechs.com is that the price could go up to $ 10- $ 15. With all these trx price forecast intervals, we will conclude with our technical analysis for Tron and a conservative approach with one bullish and bearish scenario for 2019.

Tron technical analysis for 2019

The optimistic scenario is that the fund of $ 0.011 will mark a trend change with a recent uptrend and the price could rise to $ 0.035 – $ 0.051, a range with significant consolidation in 2018. For this to happen the price should close above the decline in the 200-period exponential moving average with a current figure of $ 0.0266. It is already a positive factor that the price is traded above the exponential moving averages at 20 and 50 periods. If global regulatory issues provide a safer and more reliable environment for the cryptocurrency market in 2019, these price levels can be achieved as they are likely and can be considered realistic on the basis of the recent high volatility of cryptocurrency in 2018.

An important resistance level is $ 0.029 which is very close to the current value of the 200-period daily exponential moving average. We do not believe that the high price of $ 0.10 will be reached in 2019 or in subsequent years as it would only be feasible due to increased demand for Tron and a speculative momentum. Another crucial reason that could support an appreciation of prices for Tron in 2019 would be a greater interest in ICOs and investments in the Blockchain industry. More capital raised, invested and used for business applications and solutions could send the price of Tron higher than our range of $ 0.035 – $ 0.051. The odds are in our opinion that this probably will not happen in 2019.

The pessimistic scenario is that the price could fall below the recent minimum of $ 0.011. How low the price could go is a difficult answer, and a price of $ 0.0 is certainly a potential price. Without fundamental catalysts a more realistic price in the price of the event is to further decrease would be the interval of $ 0.05 – $ 0.08.

For now, a consolidation zone of $ 0.011 – $ 0.028 is evident and at some point, a breakout should occur in 2019. This wide range could send the price much lower in case our pessimistic scenario is what materialized to me. As a conclusion for our technical analysis for Tron in 2019, we estimate that the high volatility recorded in the cryptocurrency market in 2018 should continue in 2019. This high volatility makes Tron's predictions highly unpredictable.

All of the opinions mentioned above on Tron's pricing forecasts should be taken as information only. Only time will tell what the true price of Tron will be in 2019. 2018 has proved a difficult year for cryptocurrency. This does not mean that trends could change in 2019 without some pivotal developments.

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