Tron News Today: Tron (TRX) is on the rise for its best ever success?


So far, TRON has recovered an average of 51% of its value since the August decline. However, it is still ranked in miles compared to its main opponents. The invention of the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) at the beginning of September 2018 did not positively influence the value of the TRX currency, and despite having enjoyed a good public eye due to the constant updating of the news, the broad exposure at the end did not strengthen the value of TRX.

Analysis of the recent TRX price

Currently, TRX has decreased by 48%, from $ 0.049 to $ 0.0254 for the previous four weeks. Actually, Bitcoin and Ethereum are far in terms of value, so it will not be practical to compare them with TRX. Ethereum has depreciated by 26% in the last four weeks, with an Ethereum valued at $ 385 at the beginning of August 2018. This implies that, despite the difficulties, ETH is recovering almost twice the rate of TRX.

TRX Transaction Volume

The recent TRX analysis set emphasizes the comparison between TRX and its giant rivals that are very wrong. The tweet by Justin Sun at the beginning of September summarizes this statement:

"# TRX started in August with only 30,000 transactions a day, by the end of the month the average number of transactions per day was almost 1/3 compared to #ETH. #TRON is the fastest coin, this missile does not stop for anyone. "

Moreover, on September 5, 2018 Sun highlighted that the Tron Mainnet accounts exceeded those of EOS – a competitor with a higher capitalization than Tron [19659006] With regard to entries to Mainnet, I fully agree with Sun that TRX is the fastest-growing currency. The increase in commercial transactions may have been guided by the latest launch of the crypto-twitter strategy, SeedIt, which also caught the pope's attention. However, transaction numbers do not translate directly into the growth of the money market. Dogecoin is the best example to illustrate it.

Therefore, the value of TRX will not ascend to its best success ever as Sun suggests.

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