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TRON News – Crypto Xmas: Binance promises to fulfill your wishes by giving away $ 10,000

Shortly before Christmas, Binance organized a kind of contest, promising to give away $ 10,000 and encouraging his followers to express how they would spend this money

Binance is the largest global cryptographic exchange by volume of trade, although this year has seen its profits decline. However, it appears that the company is trying to expand into the charity area, promoting at the same time and promoting its native currency – Binance Coin (BNB).

On his Twitter account, the exchange invited his followers to share their Christmas greetings, promising in exchange for choosing a winner and guaranteeing him $ 10,000. Most likely, since we are talking about a crypted community and an encrypted exchange that is interested in making sure that its currency is adopted as widely as possible, at least among its customers, the prize will not be in the BNB.

Followers respond

Twitter fans of Binance started to respond. Binance published one of these responses, presumably, as an example of the kind of things he expects from the participants. Although this whole thing seems like a Christmas move, Binance's CEO, CZ, is trying to convince his customers to be less selfish at this annual holiday.

Some people responded in the spirit of this desire, saying that they would like to donate part of the prize. However, some have suggested that Binance should simply donate this $ 10,000 to charitable purposes.

Binance dives into charity

Not long ago, U.Today reported the Blockchain Charity Foundation set up by Binance. The most famous use case of BCF was the collection of funds that Binance arranged for the flood victims in Japan that occurred during the summer. The managing director, Changpeng Zhao, donated a large sum to BNB and Tron's Justin Sun joined this not only by giving away encryption but also by helping to create transactions via the Tron network.

To thank Tron and his assistance, Binance made TRX one of the first coins to combine with the new base currency of the exchange: Ripple. So far it has two such pairs: TRX / XRP and XZC / XRP.

Previously, Binance listed Tron in his Gold Label project.

Situation of the BNB market

Today, on December 26, BNB showed a growth of 1.40% along with the other coins around the list of the top 20. The asset price is equal to $ 5.69 at the time of writing, with the market cap current of $ 743 934 441.

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