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As part of their innovative programs, today Tron announces that they have listed TRX, their transaction currency, to one of the world's most reliable cryptocurrency trading platforms, KuCoin.

TRX is now open for deposits with support pairs including TRX / BTC and TRX / ETH. The purchase will start at 21:30 (UTC + 8) while the sale and collection will start at 22:00 (UTC + 8).

Introduction to TRON (TRX)

TRON (TRX) is a cryptocurrency platform that aims to create a network for sharing multimedia content and global digital entertainment, creating a decentralized ecosystem using the blockchain network and storage technology distributed. It allows a secure and economic exchange of digital media and eliminates interference from third parties or intermediaries.

In essence, this means that digital content creators such as Facebook users, YouTube users and others using the TRON network will have total ownership control over the content they created, as well as their distribution. Overcoming centralized third parties such as Apple iOS, Google, Play, Netflix and Amazon; content creators will be able to manage the accessibility of their content and ignore the costs imposed by those intermediary companies.

Benefits of the TRON network

The TRON network allows content creators to regain the management of data and information they produce during the use of social media platforms. Here are the following advantages that users can take advantage of in the cryptocurrency network:

  • The main reason for the Tronix token (TRX) is to allow the dissemination of data and information without limits or restrictions. Users are authorized to store and upload data, video or audio through authorized content channels. Every time a user uploads digital content, he gains digital resources and emerges from the ecology of the contents.
  • The author of the upload is set to receive profits of a value proportional to his / her contribution. The most important value of TRON Network (TPX) is that it focuses on people rather than on organizations like DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations). With the help of TRON cryptocurrency, users can also keep their digital space intact.
  • The transaction system also has a considerable advantage. Tronix (TRX) transactions take place on a public register where transactions can be easily traced without hindrance. The Tronix transaction model (TRX) uses a transaction model called UTXO, in which a set of guidelines allows you to open a specific set of the amount sent via the TRON platform. The TRX coin can not be extracted, unlike other cryptocurrencies; Therefore, the extraction of TRON is not possible.

The future of the TRON network and its token Tronix (TRX)

Nowadays, cryptocurrencies have presented their wide dynamic nature since they started trading and values ​​can fluctuate in any direction. As long as the TRON Network's Tronix token (TRX) encompasses the great potential for success because it addresses a different type of audience and has a specific goal, something that many cryptographic coins can not claim.

Tronix coins (TRX) are already exploding on the Asian market. Turning to trends in which it is safe to say that it will not touch soon USD 1, the TRON network should continue to rise at high rates

Images kindly granted by KuCoin

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