Tron is good at the decentralized Exchange promise as TRX DEX goes live on TronScan

Tron & # 39; s (TRX) promises well a decentralized exchange: now you live on TronScan

The promises have a tendency to be broken. Especially in today's business world, words have the habit of getting lost in the sea of ​​anonymity. It is so refreshing to note the excitement of Matthew Fetzer, a member of the cryptic community who noted the decentralized Tron exchange on TronScan.

For those who do not know, a decentralized exchange is an exchange market that does not have third-party services that manage the fund of its customers. The trade is therefore automated peer to peer, through proxy tokens, resources or a guarantee deposit system. This creates a state "without trust", discarding the need to trust security or honesty of the exchange. Furthermore, there is more privacy and there is almost no risk of downtime

With this in mind, Marcus Zhao of Tron's Public Chain Division made an announcement in September. During his interactions with the community in general, he said that TRON was working to activate the Tron Virtual Machine. He concluded this with the promising note that once it was done, the team would begin to focus its attention on the activation of a decentralized exchange.

True to his word, in less than 3 months, the eagle-eyed community of Tron noted a decentralized exchange on TronScan and publicly commented. Matthew, the first person to take the wind of change took on Twitter to announce it with: "Everyone saw the DEX card on Tronscan !!" and the crypto-sphere soon noticed. After checking the DEX card on TronScan, it was detected that the exchange is actually live. Although it currently has only three tokens listed against TRX, others will surely follow. Those listed are nuts, WIN, SEED.

As you would expect, to use and exchange one must first connect their own TRX wallets to the decentralized exchange. This can simply be enabled by an option in the tabs in the upper right corner. There are other options like creating a new portfolio. It seems that tokens will have to apply to be listed on decentralized exchange. It also looks like a simple exercise. All of this is necessary for one to compile an application to make the digital asset listed. Unfortunately, this is also the process for those projects that have tokens on the Tron network, already

This latest development comes from Tron Watch Market, another decentralized exchange on the network. He had his token sale less than a month ago and released a demo version. Once completed, this will allow users to swap between TRON, TRX10 and TRX20 Tokens safely and quickly.

This aggressive drive towards a decentralized economy is the hallmark of the new century. With a clear interest in the cryptic verse and a concentrated focus on getting away from the current banking configuration and practice, this is certainly an interesting way as we head towards the end of a tumultuous year.

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