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Tron has 1 million accounts, Binance Adds TRX / XRP trading pairs

What makes Tron one of the 10 best cryptocurrencies today? Let's find out if it's worth investing

The cryptocurrency market exploded in 2017 when all the major cryptocurrencies earned 1,000% and more in terms of price. The world is continuing to go digital, and thousands of altcoins appear here and there. One of the top 15 global currencies is Tron (TRX), and is slowly gaining authority in the crypto community. What makes this cryptocurrency special and what is the prediction of Tron's cryptocurrency for the following years? If you have been obscure of this currency, it is time to get essential information.

What is Tron (TRX)?

Tron is the creation of twenty-six Justin Sun, a Chinese student who previously worked for Ripple (RPX). This currency is designed to change the way in which major websites and platforms publish and use content. It also facilitates the sharing of content on the network by eliminating the need for major content providers, such as YouTube or Facebook. Therefore, Tron would be useful for artists, musicians, creatives and people alike.

To better understand the benefits of Tron, read these quick facts:

  • Tron is one of the most profitable cryptographic coins

  • It is the tenth largest coin on the market

  • It enjoys a high commercial volume

  • It is considered reliable by many investors in the crypto community

  • it is based on Ethereum and will soon become an independent Blockchain.

Tron is based on a Blockchain other than Bitcoin. We highlight their main differences:



Use a consent of work mechanism

Use a stake-proof consent mechanism

Process seven transactions per second

Process 1,500 transactions per second

Stop production time: 10 minutes

It stops the production time of 15 seconds

Confirmation time: six blocks

Confirmation time: a block

Uses the elliptical curve algorithm for portfolios

Use the Lamport algorithm for portfolios

Portfolio trading platform – PC

Portfolio trading platform – mobile

Tron in numbers

In 2017, TRX Tron price forecasting was not simply justified, no one suspected that money would work so well. The results have been very progressive. So, what do we have now?

In January 2018, Tron had a value of $ 0.049 and the market capitalization was estimated at $ 3,221.003.949. It was also valued at $ 0.25 with an unimaginable market cap of $ 16,752,047,709. This is a huge growth that can be compared to the increase in Bitcoin and Ripple. Today (2 July 2018), a TRX is worth $ 0.037, which is not as much as expected by the community, but some changes are coming – we'll talk later.

Let's find out what Tron's price forecast for the following years is.

Price forecast Tron 2018

Tron's first prediction in 2018 was not justified. Here's what the forecasts looked like:

Recall that the current price of the TRX is $ 0.037, although it was assumed that it had already increased to $ 0.23 – $ 0.4. According to investingpr.com, it will rise to $ 1 in just five years – it looks like a realistic Tron price forecast. Note that the circulating amount of TRX coins is already 65.748.192.475, and will only increase, this is the factor that prevents Tron from growing. But as more and more developers begin to implement the platform, it becomes more appreciated.

According to the forecast of the Tron 2018 coin prices by WalletInvestor, the currency will reach $ 0.1 within a year. Let's face it: 2018 is not the most favorable year for this currency, and the fact that it emerged from Ethereum is what makes it controversial. However, 2018 is a good time to make long-term investments. If you're ready to wait for a few years, this is your chance. While the prediction of Tron 2018 is not as bright as we expect, this blockchain is only at the beginning of its path to success.

Theoretically, in 2019, Tron's current prediction can become a reality: since it gets more investors from the major payment platforms and providers like PayPal, it can get considerable value. The end of 2019 could also be excellent, with TRX reaching around $ 1.5 per coin.

Tron 2020 price forecast

Generally, the forecast of the Tron 2020 coins is optimistic. Thanks to its technological supremacy, it can hit the Litecoin and take its place. It can also be affected by the fact that it can get more investors from large companies. Many investors are already interested in TRX right now, as it is cheaper than its competitors. Therefore, the most appropriate Tron 2020 forecast would be around $ 2 and even more, although some resources give more positive forecasts.

Pricing of long-term Tron TRX prices

What will happen in the next seven years? Nobody can answer this question for sure. According to the most realistic forecasts, TRX can rise to $ 0.4 – $ 1.7, although Facebook claims it can get to $ 31. Tron is not likely to exceed Bitcoin – all in all, it is based on a different Blockchain and it serves for different purposes. Therefore, TRX is only for certain groups of investors.

What does the prediction of the Tron coins depend on?

As already mentioned, the price forecast of the Tron coins is defined by several factors, including:

  1. Total supply of tokens. It is already 65 billion and this number should increase (by 2050 all 100 coins will be issued). Such a large number of coins devalues ​​them.

  2. Implementation of Tron. The Tron TRX prediction depends directly on the level of its implementation. As soon as large companies start implementing this cryptocurrency, they will become much more valuable. At the moment, it is widely present on the cryptocurrency market, but it is not widely used by startups involved in publishing creative content.

  3. Tron becomes an independent platform. Right now, Ethereum launches a huge shadow at Tron's authority. As soon as the creators reach the new level of development and make TRX independent, we can witness the disclosure.

Bottom line

Based on realistic price predictions, Tron will not soon hit the $ 1 benchmark: it needs time for evolution and development. This is a good investment opportunity for those who are ready to wait. So if you have nothing to lose now and you have enough patience, it's time to buy a few thousand TRXs right now.

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