TRON Foundation launches the new demo on the TronWatch market for TRX coin investors

The release-of-TronWatchMarket-Demo

The sale of the TronWatch Market demo is scheduled for Monday 29th October 2018. Preparations for this sale of tokens began at the beginning of this year in the summer and have continued since then. The five-developer development team worked hard to ensure they remained on target since the company reached its soft-cap target more than three weeks ago.

Tron announced that he was more than enthusiastic about sharing the demo with his fan base. He hopes the demo will give them a taste of how the exchange will be. It is expected that the exchange will be decentralized, secure and simplified.

Market Demo

The demo will run on Testnet with all the trades that are implemented by intelligent contract systems. The implication of this is that, although the real currency is not yet available, what you see in the demo will be what you will experience once the Mainnet is up and running. There are some robots that are already actively working on Mainnet.

Therefore, all you have to do is take a seat and pay close attention to the rankings, order books and operations that take place in the exchange. So far, the only thing that emerges is the fact that the exchange is very fast. All orders executed on the demo will be validated by the Tron smart contracts.

Once validated, they will then be compiled on the Tron network. You should therefore expect to come across a quick and highly responsive market demo. The team behind the development of this demo is confident that, by proving it, users will be able to see what Tron can provide, as well as try the DEX that is created.

Although there is still a lot to be done, the team is not going to slow down and will continue to work on the platform until it is ready to be formally launched to the public.

TronWatchMarket user interface

According to an official of the company, the user interface has begun to take shape. And as you'll see once the demo is downloaded, the interface is very similar to what you might encounter when you use any other exchange. It's simple and very clean.

As a user, you will have the opportunity to place your order in the form of a limited order. This will make your exchange easier. Whenever you are trying to submit an order, TronLink, the Tron official web browser extension will always ask you to confirm before sending the order details.

All market maker offers will be stored away from the chain. However, they will be made available upon request. On the other hand, all orders from market buyers will be forwarded by the Tron network so that they can be processed. In order to use the demo to exchange fake tokens / coins, download the demo from the official website and follow the accompanying instructions.

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