TRON collaborates with CoinPayments and will be listed for 2.2 million people

<img width = "658" height = "473" class = "entry-thumb td-modal-image" src = " 1.jpg "srcset =" 658w, TRON-1-300×216.jpg 300w,×420.jpg 584w "sizes =" (max-width: 658px) 100vw, 658px " alt = "TRON Cryptomoeda (TRX) will be listed by CoinPayments.This way, the digital asset can be used for negotiations involving 2.2 million payment providers on the CoinPayments platform.

The TRON network launched its Mainnet in May 2018. Since then the company has collected strategic partnership partnerships that maximize the business of TRON.Therefore, the Cryptomoeda base of the network, TRON (TRX), is more widespread among the various types of companies, as will be the case with CoinPayments.

The platform a ccetta already negotiations involving up to 800 altcoin

The announcement on the partnership was conducted via Twitter from the official account of the company CoinPayments on social network . In this way, TRON (TRX) can be negotiated by over two million users who use the payment platform. Present in 182 countries, CoinPayments could bring greater visibility of the entire TRON network.

Other part, the platform has several other forms of payment. In addition, there are already 800 altcoins listed in CoinPayments . CoinPayments allows users to transfer funds directly to the bank account in the United States and Europe

A CoinPayments brokerage between payments received in crypto-coins and resellers . In this way, the platform allows different companies to offer digital goods as payment. This ensures that plug-ins can perform this type of work by incorporating them into online stores and websites, such as

In Europe and the United States, CoinPayments offers functionality that satisfy its users. For example, after receiving in crypto-coins, the transfer can be made directly to the bank account of users of these territories . In this way, the payment received in the digital resources is converted by the company, which deposits the amount in the bank account after the withdrawal request made by the user. In addition, CoinPayments offers a safe and secure ecosystem where the credit is secured before being fully released from the platform.

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