Tron Blockchain exceeds Ethereum's record for TRX coin transactions


It's official: Tron exceeds the high Ethereum record for transactions

In a tweet written Friday, November 9, 2018, Co-founder of, Misha Lederman, revealed the news that TRON has exceeded that of Ethereum [ETH] record of 1,349,890 transactions per second (reached January 4th, 2018), of about 18,000 transactions per second yesterday (precisely, 1,367,488 transactions per second).

As previously reported by the Bitcoin Exchange Guide, where Tron passed daily transactions with those of Ethereum in October, the driving force was the launch of several decentralized apps (DApps) along with platforms such as TRONbet and TronDice. It seems that these two remain responsible for the umpteenth month of milestones for TRON and November has just begun.

According to Sludge Feed, which also reported on this topic, the official launch of the Chrome wallet designated for TRON Network, TronPay could contribute to this success, as it was created with the intention of limiting the barriers to entry into the network.

CEO of TronSince then Justin Sun has retweeted Lederman statistics with the following tweet:

Since then, many followers have responded to Sun's statements Tron he will never come back and that Ethereum may never be able to recover. For the most part, it seems that the followers are questioning Sun's strategy. Here are some interesting points that have been made:

@ Brad2pointO

"In all honesty, it's hard to compare the two things with the transactions." Ethereum is PoW, while Tron is DPoS. "Tron SR rewards all the people who vote for them, which is a massive amount of transactions while Ethereum tx & # 39; s for mining is exponentially inferior, apples and oranges. "


"Technology obsolete compared to the new technology: apples and oranges."

Overall, it seems that followers do not understand why Sun is trying to overcome Ethereum when it could simply focus on newer platforms that host new challenges.

As for CoinMarketCap, the TRX It is currently valued at around USD $ 0.02294, which was almost the same as in October and every other month before that.

What are your thoughts on this milestone? Is it reasonable to celebrate it since nothing has changed for TRX prices? Are the followers right in saying that the Sun has not yet challenged? Let us know in the comments below!

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