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TRON Arcade: TRX Company announces a $ 100 million gaming fund

Cryptocurrency, games, TRON (TRX) –Despite the price conversation dominating the cryptocurrency, as the market suffers a short respite after two weeks and billions of dollars paid in market capitalization, most of the major currencies are pushing forward in development. On November 29, the TRON Foundation announced the creation of a new fund that would highlight the need to develop games and blockchain. Called "TRON Arcade", the announcement includes a $ 100 million commitment from the foundation to advance blockchain games on the TRON network paid in installments over the next three years.

According to the release, TRON Arcade seeks to "empower developers", a move that the TRON Foundation and CEO Justin Sun have historically pushed as the most organic approach to grow both the TRX currency and the platform in construction. Since the beginning, TRON has been invoiced to investors and developers as more than one transaction currency. Compared to Bitcoin and other coins focused on traders, TRON seeks to build a decentralized multi-level entertainment platform using the TRX currency, since the game is an obvious pillar of its development.

From the acquisition of BitTorrent in a bombardment during the summer, both the TRON Foundation and Justin Sun have earned attention to their programs extensively focused on expanding the existing cryptocurrency framework. As many commentators have pointed out during the 2018 bear cycle, highlighted by last week's most recent price drop, cryptography has room to grow before the blockchain and the use of decentralized resources becomes common in the mainstream. Until then, investors can continue to expect strong price volatility, and accidents are the result of an underdeveloped market and a thriving industry.

Yesterday, EWN reported on the TRX currency market leader in terms of performance, earning more than 20 percent a day. The recent announcement of TRON Arcade adds to the development of the currency building, with TRON showing investors and TRX enthusiasts who have a long-term commitment to the sector, despite the discouraging market movements that have characterized 2018.

TRON relies on the Arcade fund to form another pillar of the growing platform, just as Project Atlas is leading the integration of torrenting services through acquired BitTorrent. In his speech, founder Justin Sun explained that the gaming blockchain could improve the experience of both TRON and those looking for a new breakthrough in the entertainment industry,

"TRON strives to address the existing problems faced by the gaming industry by exploiting the open, transparent and immutable blockchain technology, and TRON Arcade will play a crucial role in encouraging developers to join our mission and deliver the best blockchain gaming experience to users all over the world. "

With the addition of TRON Arcade, in conjunction with other programs such as Project Atlas, it is becoming clearer that Sun and the Foundation are targeting developers' interest as a way to the TRX domain in the industry. Sun has repeatedly exposed the benefits of TRX on Ethereum, including transaction speed and network scalability, in an effort to drive talent away from the most pressing competition. Now, with Arcade, TRON is opening up to a new wave of focus on development through games.

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