Tron announces TronWallet for TRX Coin Storage scheduled for release this week

  Tron announces TronWallet for the storage of TRX coins planned for release this week

Tron announces the distribution of TronWallet shortly

Tron is a project that aims to decentralize the Web and is responsible for the construction of the infrastructure to achieve its goal. The infrastructure, called the TRON protocol, and any other attempt made by the platform is largely funded by the platform's TRON token (TRX).

The platform recently announced on Twitter that the "final TRON Wallet will be released later this week." Are you ready? "The post also featured an image of the portfolio's features as a joke.

The portfolio should be an open source p2p cryptographic portfolio, safe, beautiful, simple but powerful for the platform's TRON token. Here are some of the features of the portfolio, as pointed out by Tron:

  • Rubric
  • Multiple accounts (wallet)
  • Request payment via QRCode
  • Token filter (shitcoin)
  • Usability improvements [19659014] Add currency AUD
  • Change PIN
  • About and Partners
  • Translations for Chinese, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Bug Fixes

Those who did not see the time of publication soon to Twitter to respond to Tron's announcement. Many commentators have made it clear that this is a different portfolio than the original and some have even downloaded both.

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