Tron announces the publication of TronWallet in the Apple Store


Tron Foundation recently announced that the promising TronWallet was finally reviewed and approved by the Apple App Store. This means that users of iOS-powered devices can now download and use Tron's electronic wallet.

The official announcement was made today, on 29 August, which stated: "here we are, a few hours from another version of TronWallet and the Slack channel of our Getty / IO team It is characterized by messages of anticipation and excitement: what could push a group of usual software engineers, hard-nosed, stoic and practical to such a manifestation of unbridled emotions in addition to the thoughts of George RR Martin ending in A Song of Ice and Fire ? "

While getting the approval for the Apple App Store could be rather a habitual development for an app, the recent development has indeed a very special meaning for the company . As explained by the company, the team of developers started working on the process "with a strong push to build and validate the app for both platforms (iOS and Android)".

The company's message continued to explain: "Not long after, our hopes and dreams of a multiplatform simultaneous launch found its first impact on the road." One of the many addictions we were using caused conflicts with the our native module used to create accounts and manage the internal mechanisms of the encrypted world.It was at that moment that we realized that we had to reach a compromise: either we went down the multiplatform road as we had planned or we abandon the first targets for a faster version. We chose the last one and we continued with our application focused mainly on the development of Android, while we resolved the conflicts of iOS that held us back ".

The company also informed that the team has worked hard to improve and test new versions of the app, trying to make it as effective and complete as possible.

"The last month of development was a cure-all with the problems of the App Store and numerous bugs that insinuated themselves as part of the normal development of a feature that rewrites almost entirely the basics of the app but with the & # 39; help always a strong Brazilian coffee and a hard work that we have done and we are ready to complete our most ambitious version.For all of our iOS users, your time has come ", concluded the announcement.

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