Trio loves to set fire to. What’s happening in Romania. Divorced from a Playboy “bunny” PHOTO


Mihai de la Akcent divorced after 10 years

They seemed like the perfect family and people firmly believed that Mihai Gruia and Laura would grow old together. Unfortunately, however, the two have chosen to go their separate ways. About six months ago, the former soloist of the band Akcent and the mother of his children got divorced

Mihai Gruia married Laura in 2008 and in 2014 they became the parents of a little girl named Natalia. A few months later, they adopted Ana, who was then two years old, the two little ones were baptized at the same time, and their godparents were Andra and Cătălin Măruţă.

Do you remember Mihai from Akcent?  He falls in love with one of the most beautiful women in Romania, a former Playboy bunny!

After 14 years of love and 10 years of marriage, in 2018, Laura and Mihai Gruia decided to divorce

My relationship with Laura was mature, beautiful. But one of our downsides was, I think, that we were little together. Our paths separated many years ago. It took it in another direction that I didn’t like. I stayed in my direction, which I didn’t like at one point. So the divorce meant absolutely nothing to me. I think it was a kind of release for me too, Mihai Gruia told the press.

Who is Claudia Stoica, the girlfriend of Mihai Gruia from Akcent

Claudia Stoica was also a singer several years ago when she was bandmate with Marina Dina. Along with two other super sexy girls, Claudia and Marina sang and danced the most in the Dolls band. The dolls separated not long after and Claudia entered a shadow cone, heading towards the model.

Six years ago, there was a great uproar due to the fact that she had a silicone implant in her buttocks, a relatively new situation at the time in Romania, but Claudia always denied that her lower back was visibly enlarged following a cosmetic surgery. In 2014, Claudia Stoica partnered with Raluca Dumitru and launched a clothing line, but they weren’t in the spotlight, as they hoped, writes Viva.

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