Trimble presents a blockchain solution, demonstrates smart contracts – FreightWaves


Srinivasan said that people in the transport space are often asked how a blockchain-based solution is different from a traditional TMS system. The only real difference is that the activities completed in the work cycle are recorded on the blockchain register.

He said the concept is that in the end there will be thousands of applications, so people can choose and decide which ones could work together.

"In a blockchain, you're not alone, you're actually working with other parts, so if there's a question about where a transaction came, [the system] I can tell you where this information comes from, "said Srinivasan." In agriculture, it is very common for you to know where a shipment originates, how it is processed and how it is actually sent to the final destination. So, this is a place where you can get in, look at all the transactions and really see the whole workflow. "

Srinivasan estimated that the final iteration of the project, which allows people to access and integrate thousands of applications, is between five and ten years.

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