Toni Kroos criticizes: “Puppets of Fifa and Uefa”


Domestic player Toni Kroos is critical of football competitions such as the eventual Super League or the Nations League, which has already been introduced, but feels helpless as a player. “At the end of the day, with all these additional things being invented, we players are just the puppets of Fifa and Uefa. Nobody is asked,” Kroos said in the “Simply Luppen” podcast, which he and his brother Felix operate. .

If there was a union of players who could decide on these issues, “we would not play the Nations League, or a Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia, or a Club World Cup with 20 or more teams,” said Kroos. These tournaments were planned “to suck it all up financially, obviously to physically suck it all out of every single player – and beyond”.

The Nations League is a competition introduced by the European association Uefa in 2018/2019, which has often been criticized in Germany, but has been well received internationally. It partially replaces qualifying matches and should ideally mean that smaller nations can hope to participate in the finals and larger nations are increasingly competing for more duels on an equal footing. That worked well.

There is no Super League yet. It is considered a simulation game for major European clubs and would probably not be a UEFA competition, but an exclusive tournament for the best club teams. If the Super League came, the Champions League would be history.

Such a super championship would be “a very, very interesting sporting thing” for Kroos and would have “top marks” on television. But: the smaller clubs looked “in the tube”, the gap between small and big would become even bigger, according to the midfielder of the Spanish record champions Real Madrid.

His conclusion: “It is also good to leave certain things as they are when they are good”. With existing leagues and international competitions such as Champions League, EM and World Cup you have “top products”.

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