TokenPay (TPAY) states "HODLing is not the purpose of Crypto"


TokenPay (TPAY) came out again, this time to disappoint the hope of HODLers, saying that HODLing is not the purpose of the cryptocurrency. In well-lit messages shared on its media page, TokenPay is about to make changes to some "myths" in the cryptocurrency space.

Through his Twitter handle, TokenPay issued blister statements by criticizing some ethos in the cryptocurrency community. The recent cryptocurrency message began by saying that the ease of integration and the clear hype factor meant that the main cryptographic exchanges were predominantly disseminated with ERC-20 tokens.

"Not only does an ERC-20 token not represent" actions "of the company, but in reality it is even more sinister.This striking invention has no blockchain or technological utility in addition to its ease of integration and marketability on exchanges. of unlicensed and unregulated cryptography.It's a proverbial casino chip.There's nothing wrong with gambling, as long as the game is fair.But the cryptography market is rigged. "

The blockchain platform then linked the current situation with that of Amazon, recalling the crypto lovers who asked 90% of the loss of shares witnessed in a year by the e-commerce company, but still survives and remains among the best.

Adoption is important than any other.

For TokenPay, the brands themselves "Adoption Maximalists", the mass acceptance of cryptocurrency is more pertinent than anything else, emphasizing that real-time regulation is very important.

Many Crypto are poorly designed: Bitcoin is slow.

TokenPay condemned most cryptocurrencies by saying they are poorly designed.

"One of the dirty little secrets of the cryptography industry is that there is really no benefit in dealing with most coins or tokens."

As usual, TPAY scolded Bitcoin again, pointing out that it is slow and expensive. The crypto company has stated that Ethereum is not scalable and has numerous bugs. The team talked about the NEO, recognizing that its blockchain has failed recently.

HODLing is not the purpose of Crypto? Then What Is?

TokenPay does not care about the current conditions of the cryptocurrency market. The cryptocurrency sees beyond HODLing to say that cases of use of real life will generate a reformed crypt society.

The company prides itself on having " conducted over a million dollars in real transactions with various suppliers using TPAY as a payment method", and so is more concerned about adoption.

"For us it is an extraordinary result, but instead of embracing the adoption of the real world of TPAY, there is a cancerous element of the cryptic community that equates to the price of money with the success of an enterprise. # 39; is a zero correlation, indeed the inverse in many cases could have more relevance. "

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