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Token SIRIN LABS [SRN] skyrocket 30% in advance of the launch of the blockchain phone – BCFocus

The cryptocurrency market has risen in the last 24 hours when Bitcoin has risen above $ 4000, anchoring a market recovery. Amid the bullish momentum, the little-known SIRIN LABS Token [SRN] grabbed the spotlight with his next blockchain phone – FINNEY.

SIRIN LABS had collaborated with FIH Mobile, a unit of the Foxconn technology group, to develop "FINNEY". The phone, which takes its name from the Bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney, is able to contain cryptographic coins. The device will be able to form an independent blockchain network through IOTA's Tangle technology, which can operate without a centralized network and data mining centers that ruin the transaction process. The native token of SRN will be used as a digital currency and the device can only be purchased using these tokens. The whole system will run on SirinOS, the SIRIN operating system.

The device, which costs $ 1,000, has a built-in cold storage portfolio, a DApp center, token conversion service, and three-factor security authentication. The device also has a front and back camera, 128 GB of memory and a notch design.

After more than six months from the beginning of April, SIRIN LABS is ready to launch Finney in three days. The launch will take place in Barcelona, ​​with Lionel Messi – protagonist of the city's soccer team – as ambassador of the event's brand. SIRIN LABS had previously linked the Barcelona star team for the launch of the extremely safe SOLARIN Mobile last year. The company has also launched a PC that can be used to generate specific code of the blockchain.

SIRIN LABS Token was buoyed by the excitement that characterized its imminent launch and soared 30% over the US dollar in the last hour, adding over $ 80 million to its market capitalization.

FINNEY effect

The capitalization of the token market has tripled in the last hours since FINNEY's fervor rose to the center of the scene. Since the device can only be purchased using the SRN token, fans have increasingly grabbed the encryption for the opportunity to purchase the new phone. At the start of the day, the market capitalization of the currency was just over $ 30 million and at 03:30 UTC, the currency had reached 195.3% in less than two hours to reach $ 121.3 million , the highest point since June. Market capitalization fell to $ 53.3 million and then rose to $ 92.7 million in 10 minutes. At the time of the press, the capitalization of SIRIN LABS Token was $ 42.76 million.

Also the price of SRN has tripled in the same period, with the currency having seen its highest price since the beginning of June. As of 0330 UTC, the coin had a price of $ 0.077 and had reached a maximum of $ 0.22, an increase of 185.7% in less than two hours. Its price had gone through two strong fluctuations, plunging to $ 0.108 and then pushing up to $ 0.187 in less than 10 minutes. The price of the currency has since decreased and at the time of printing, it was valued at $ 0.086.

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