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Token sale: Blockchain to make online bets transparent

Online bets are a haven for scammers. With dubious algorithms that only secure home winnings, to a completely closed structure, online bets have many pitfalls. Furthermore, it is completely regulated and monopolized. CyBet intends to change this power structure.

CyBet is a completely decentralized platform that is revolutionizing the betting industry. It is a blockchain-based betting platform that works on smart contracts. Each bet is stored in a smart (even accounting) contract that guarantees equal opportunities for both players and betting companies to take advantage of the latest technology and achieve a substantial return.

With intelligent contracts, all stakeholders receive their payments securely and securely. Each of these contracts is verified by the miners and every transaction is irreversible. In addition, the platform facilitates anonymous bets that allow players to protect their identity.

The Cybet token

For their platform, Cybet is raising funds through a symbolic sale. The token is called a CYBET token. The CyBet token (CYBT) is an ERC-20 utility token. Each token holder can work as a bookmaker and as a participant in bets. This token will also be used to pay miners to verify transactions between different parties. After this sale, users can purchase this token on various exchanges or by placing bets.

CyBet ICO Token

There will be two types of token sales.

Sale of private tokens

In this sale, 1000 tokens were sold to private parties as developers, sales people, etc.


Users can purchase the CYBT token by accessing the token sales address on the CyBet website. This address has not been decided yet. The company has allocated 60 million chips for the crowdsale. If users buy the CYBT token, they will receive a 20% discount in the next token sales round. Buyers of the CYBT token can immediately start betting on their favorite sports. Currently, 1 ETH = 1,000 CYBT. Token sales are active until December 2018.

The soft sale of the crowd was put at 25 million coins. This means that the promoters expect the crowdsale to generate at least this number of tokens. If this goal is not achieved, the project will be terminated.

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