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Toddler Julen lost in shaft: new problems with dramatic research

Updated on January 19, 2019, 11:04

For almost a week missing from the small Julen after his fall in a hole near Malaga every track. Now rescuers are facing further problems.

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In the search for the little Julen, who has been lost to a depth of over 100 meters for six days, the helpers in Spain continue to make progress slower than expected.

Due to the complicated conditions in the hilly area near the coastal city of Malaga, they have not yet managed to build a rescue tunnel planned until Saturday morning.

Throughout the night, the aides were busy preparing a platform to stabilize the main driller, according to the media, referring to the rescue teams. Different blades were used.

From Julen, who is two years old, there is no sign of life since Sunday. The baby should have fallen on a trip with his family in the hole, which is only 25 to 30 centimeters in diameter.

The goal is to find Julen "before Monday"

When he photographed the camera, a candy bag had been discovered in the well at a depth of almost 75 meters, which Julen had with him. However, the loose earth prevented the camera from penetrating deeper.

The spokesperson for the aides, the street engineer, Ángel García Vidal, said on Friday evening that they had set themselves the goal of finding the baby "before Monday". But there are many imponderables. In fact, a few hours later, in the work of leveling the ground, a hard rock again occurred that caused new delays, as reported by the volunteers.

With the 75-ton drill you want to build a recovery tunnel, which should be perpendicular to the pit of the accident. In a first phase, rescuers want to dig about 80 meters deep.

Subsequently, experienced miners should make a first connection to the underlying tree to try again at this depth with a robotic camera for the child. A land radar from Sweden is also used.

About 100 volunteers from the hill of Cerro de la Corona, in Totalán, about 15 kilometers northeast of Malaga, are also worried about the announced rain, which would have further hindered the rescue work.

Therefore, on Friday already the canals were pulled for drainage. Saturday morning fell on the scene of the first fall. (Dpa / ETP)

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