Tobelet announces the partnership with the first and only AI platform in the world with blockchain, DeepBrainChain


December 12, 2018

SINGAPORE, Tobelet Pte., Ltd. ("Tobelet"), developer and operator of DataXchain, a decentralized artificial intelligence ("AI"), announced its partnership with DeepBrainChain, the first and only IA supported by the platform blockchain of application development in the world.

In the partnership, DeepBrainChain will play the role of Super Peer in the DataXchain ecosystem. DataXChain was created to address current issues related to data rights violation by establishing a market where data, including all forms of digital assets such as images, video, music and information, can be assigned to commercial value and exchanged . DataXchain's customized data matching platform, based on Xiilab AI technology, South Korea's leading AI platform operator, creates an ecosystem of data owners, data users, data labellers and data inspectors, which can be individuals, companies, organizations and governments.

Like Super Peer, DeepBrainChain will help verify and track transactions on the DataXchain blockchain thus enhancing the integrity of the ecosystem, while helping to increase blockchain resistance to hacks, blackouts and system errors. In return, he will receive a portion of the commercial revenues within the DataXchain ecosystem based on their computing power and blockchain services.

Given the considerable computational resources necessary to support data exchange transactions, DataXchain will benefit from its partnership with DeepBrainChain due to the high capacity and computing power of DeepBrainChain GPU. Under the partnership, Xiilab's proprietary deep-learning technology, Uyuni, complements the strength of the DeepBrainChain GPU computing resources. Uyuni enables in-depth and highly efficient data learning and supports simultaneous and multiple learning tracks. On the other hand, DeepBrainChain GPU computing resources are highly scalable and can allocate these resources optimally for maximum GPU performance and bring DataXchain data processing capabilities to a higher level .

DeepBrainChain is focused on supporting the development of applications and landing services of artificial intelligence and is creating its own ecosystem of IA enterprises, each with its own IA applications, hosted and linked by blockchain. It stands out for its ability to offer a highly profitable turnkey solution to AI companies, helping them to develop applications efficiently, overcome various access barriers from hardware requirements to talents and, in particular, reduce hardware costs. calculation typically up to 70% high. DeepBrainChain is also able to provide complete computational capabilities that can accommodate high user and data traffic and has sufficient IA resources to meet fluctuating demands and automatic maintenance capabilities.

The CEO of ToBeLet, Baek Yong Chang, said: "This partnership with DeepBrainChain represents a major step forward in DataXchain's journey to promote the adoption of our data exchange system and transform the dynamics of ownership data in today's world As DataXchain and its scale of data exchanges expand, a partnership as such is beneficial as we will have additional computing resources and will be able to learn new and relevant IA knowledge from DeepBrainChain. DeepBrainChain's AI applications, data traffic imported from DeepBrainChain will also enrich the capabilities of DataXchain for artificial intelligence through broader data learning, and we believe the benefits are mutual, since DeepBrainChain can also conduct learning of data from its role as Super Peer and applying this knowledge in AI applications that op they were in their own ecosystem. Going forward, we will continue to explore further partnerships with other leading AI companies and databases to expand the potential of DataXchain and become a key player in this market space. "

To start trading data on the DataXchain platform, Tobelet is currently discussing with various companies and institutions on their potential participation in data trading activities in various capacities such as data owners, data users, data labelers and data inspectors. . At the same time, it is putting up an open call for any company, organization or individual to join the consortium of parts to be engaged in data trading and enrich data flows, with the goal of ultimately improving the robustness of the 39; DataXchain ecosystem.

About DeepBrainChain DeepBrainChain is the first and only artificial intelligence platform in the world, based on blockchain technology. It focuses on supporting the development of AI applications and services and through hosting these applications and services on blockchain, it is creating its own ecosystem of AI companies. DeepBrainChain's mission is to accelerate the progress of the IA in an era that is experiencing an explosion of smart devices, the scale of data requirements and their computational needs.

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