Tjoapack collaborates with Veratrak to launch the live Blockchain tool


The global contract packaging organization, Tjoapack, has partnered with Veratrak, a UK-based technology company, to establish the use of blockchain in the pharmaceutical industry.

The partnership will include a series of projects focusing on the use of blockchain properties to enable transparent collaboration between multiple partners in the pharmaceutical supply chain, reducing service delivery times and facilitating information sharing through a secure digital chain .

The first project, to be implemented in the fourth quarter of 2018, will guarantee and optimize the data sharing processes involved in the creation of stock conservation units (SKUs) ready for packaging from the product data to the images.

Blockchain allows you to store data as part of an immutable ledger, ensuring it can not be altered or tampered with. Veratrak's new document collaboration platform uses blockchain technology to enable secure data sharing in the pharmaceutical industry.

"Blockchain has already been explored as a solution to support tracking programs that track physical assets through the supply chain," Tjoapack's corporate strategy director Dexter Tjoa said, "It could also have huge benefits when it comes to to improve data transparency through secure auditing registers accessible to multiple parties – a tool like the one we are working with Veratrak will make collaboration between different companies easier, making the supply chain much more efficient. "

, blockchain technology was explored by pharmaceutical companies through concept tests or pilot Veratrak was built according to the GAMP5 guidelines and complies with FDA part 11 regulations, making it the first global blockchain application in a GxP environment that works with multiple organizations in the supply chain, according to the companies.

Tjoapack, an independent drug contractor serving clients on five continents and in 42 countries, will be the first user of the platform.

Founded in 1989 by Eric Tjoa, Tjoapack specializes in primary packaging for solid dosage forms, secondary packaging and unit packaging and has a total of 19 packaging lines for blister packs, wallets and bottles and packs about 26 million packs of pharmaceutical products produced in the year, equivalent to about 1.4 billion tablets.

Veratrak is a London-based company that develops technologies that support secure data collaboration within the pharmaceutical supply chain.

( Source: Tjoapack )

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