Tip for those who train at home during the quarantine: the tool can be replaced by ladders and water bottles


After a three-week quarantine in the country, visitors to sports clubs did not have the opportunity to exercise regularly. However, professional coaches believe that quality sports and physical activity are possible even at home and pay attention to how to exercise properly at home to avoid various injuries.

Coach Erika Krasinskė says most of the injuries are due to ignorance. Virtually all people have muscle imbalances but they are not aware of it. Imbalance occurs when some muscles in the body are overly tense and others are weak. When people train incorrectly, they can put a strain on the already stretched area, the body cannot bear the load, and injuries occur.

Muscle imbalances can cause both joint injuries and bone fractures. “During the quarantine, a customer from the sports club danced as she turned on the Xbox console, jumped and broke her leg bone. What does this mean? As there is a weak link somewhere in the body chain. , causes the aforementioned imbalance and therefore the bone can break or break from the most basic position of the heel or foot “, explains the specialist.

According to her, fractures can also occur for other reasons, such as inattention or being overweight, which makes the bones heavily loaded and makes them more vulnerable to improper exercise.

The fact that various joint injuries are among the most common injuries of athletes at home is also demonstrated by the analysis of insurance events that occurred during the spring quarantine. “We have noticed that the most common injuries are injuries to the ankle or knee joint, various injuries to the tendons, sprains and tears to the ligaments, injuries to the toes and muscles and fractures of the fingers.

During the quarantine, sports-related secondary damage in the home also became evident. There have been cases in which children, grabbing the weights used by their parents, throwing them on their feet, suffer and have properties: the weights that accidentally fall from their hands damage the floor, break the glass surfaces of the furniture “, says Ronaldas Grizickas, Head of personal insurance products at BTA.

Exercise – for the whole body, not just for the unpleasant place

E. Krasinskė states that one of the most common mistakes of those who decide to play sports is to find their first workout on the Internet or to buy any home gym equipment, without wondering if it is suitable for them. According to her, a sedentary lifestyle, constant sitting and irregular posture cause many people health problems that are difficult to solve without professional help, and improper sports can exacerbate them. Therefore, for those who intend to exercise at home during the quarantine, it is recommended to first consult with a specialist, a professional trainer.

“Then it simply came to our attention. The purpose of such a consultation is to find out what the person’s needs are, which exercises are most appropriate and how to perform them correctly. Coaches immediately notice which part of the body is not working properly, sometimes I joke that that it is enough to see how a person is doing and it is already possible to tell where the problem is. After consulting a specialist, it becomes clear what the body needs, and then it is possible to exercise individually, without fear of injury or damage to health ”, Says the interlocutor.

Another mistake, he said, is the belief that sports should only focus on problem areas of the body.

“A common situation is excess fat in the abdomen. People think they will buy a bow, twist it and get rid of that fat. However, we won’t achieve anything with this size alone and we can do harm. Usually, the knees of overweight people are weak, they become even less stable from the twisting of the arch, there will be pain, we will damage the ligaments, so the problems usually go backwards, it starts to hurt – we have a vicious chain. Everything in the body yes performs synergistically, so it is necessary to strengthen the whole body evenly and not try to change only a specific unpleasant place “, – advises E. Krasinskė.

Cardio coaches aren’t always the answer

When asked about popular cardio trainers that have recently been wiped out from sporting goods stores, she says these devices should be handled with care because improperly used or simply unsuitable cardio trainers for a particular person can cause injury or exacerbate existing problems. . The least likely chance of getting hurt is using an elliptical trainer or treadmill while walking on it at high speed.

“When running on the treadmill, it is extremely important to position your feet correctly and wear suitable shoes, otherwise there will be a lot of kickback to the knee joints and spine, so we can damage the joints and fix the hernia.

An even worse choice, which I don’t recommend, is stationary bikes. People are already sitting for most of the day: at work, at work, eating, watching TV. A stationary bike is the same as sitting, and after a long day of sitting work, the body should change position and move as much as possible those places that freeze while sitting, “he points out.

The coach says he has received a lot of questions lately about what tools to buy for “quarantined” sports at home. “Big balls, various weights, heavy duty tires are always useful – these are generally irreplaceable and sometimes even more effective than weights.

You can also use items for the home: bottles with water as weights, sofas, chairs, beds as supports, and if there are stairs in the house, it is also a great “trainer”, because there are many wonderful exercises with stairs. All of these tools are inexpensive and effective. The most important thing is to help a professional to get to know your body and learn how to play sports, so you will reach your goal faster and avoid injuries ”, recommends E. Krasinskė.

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