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Tim Hassan breaks the ten-year challenge rule … and the stars of the Arab world have entered the wave (Photo)

Over the past 10 years, social networking sites have attracted a number of pioneers of Sushil Media in the Arab world, including celebrities of the arts and sports stars to challenge the publication of two 10-year pictures of 10YearChallenge # Change the shape and features.

The new challenge was attended by many artists and artists, including Ahlam, Laila Alawi, Ragheb Alama, Nawal Al Zoghbi, Qusay Khouli, Qais Sheikh Najeeb, Hassan Al Raddad, Nancy Ajram, Assi El Helani, Hind Sabry, Rania Youssef , Zafer El Abidine, Hana Sheha, Nihad El Sebaie, Dolly Shahin, Dina Dania, Dania Samir Ghanem, Nadia El Gendy and Nelly Karim Wahba Magdy, Jannat, Yousra El Louzi, the Egyptian artist Ali Rabie and the Moroccan singer Sa & # 39; d Mellak. The actor, Tim Hassan, decided to break the "rule" of the challenge and came back 40 years instead of ten years and published five images that embody the various stages of age is still a fetus in the womb of his mother, who received comments and interactive from his audience.

It was not the challenge of 10 years to be the first to attract the most famous Arab characters in the media: the challenge of Kiki was great, including a person who came down from his car and kept dancing and dancing together on the theme "Kiki" And witnessed the participation of celebrities led by Essam Al-Hadari, Egyptian goalkeeper and Dina Sherbini and president Yasmin and others.

The Ice Challenge, which involves the publication of video while pouring a bucket of ice cubes onto its body, has been distributed with the human goal of participating in the support of patients with lateral myeloid sclerosis, which affects the nervous system with dysentery and causes a significant mortality rate.

The chili challenge, started by the Argentine footballer Javier Zanetti, spread after he imagined eating a cup of chili and asked his followers to imitate him to fight hunger. An Argentine NGO contributed to the idea of ​​helping indigent children in Argentina, Arab celebrities Share.

Some celebrities, particularly the stars of the dance, took part in the Manican Challenge, which is based on portraying people as a maniac and spreading on social networking sites, where people who are frozen during photography are depicted to suggest that person is a statue.

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