Three permits granted under the cryptocurrency regime in Thailand


A new exchange in Europe called DX Exchange is coming out of a very innovative way to offer titles on the blockchain. Now you can buy the top ten stocks on the NASDAQ that are Alphabet, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Tesla, Netflix, Baidu, Intel and Nvidia. There will also be stocks soon enough from the New York Stock Exchange, the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. They start with these top 10 because they are extremely massive.

How will the DX exchange work?

Basically, DX Exchange will purchase the shares and then release the ERC20 tokens that represent the holdings of these securities and then sell them in their exchange. So this will essentially allow people to invest in these real world titles and then be entitled to those same real-world dividends from those titles and be able to move in and out of them easily. This is really exciting in terms of opening up more liquidity to enter the stock markets and more liquid entering the encrypted market as a whole.

Advantages of having actions represented as ERC20 tokens:

24 hour Trading: Bearing in mind that stock markets are open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, cryptographic markets have been a real revolution in terms of markets 24 hours a day. This will once again bring traditional traditional.

A fraction of a quota: With all the tokenised actions, fractions of shares can be obtained. If you can not afford an entire Apple stock, you can easily buy a half or a quarter of shares from DX Exchange.

Store stocks on Ethereum portfolios: Inventory tokenisation allows you to store your stocks on your Trezor, Ledger, MyEtherWallet or other portfolio. You no longer need to trust an unknown broker.

DX exchange: a security token exchange regulated by the EU

DX Exchange is the first regulated EU security token exchange and this step will allow us to see other licensed cryptos exchanges for official security tokens that will come on board in the coming years. The exchange also offers encryption to encrypt trading, fiat to encrypt trading, fiat onboarding, deposits and withdrawals using credit cards, no trading fees and much more. So, on the whole, it is not just a solid cryptocurrency exchange, but also offers the possibility of investing in stocks. This trend will continue and we will see more and more exchanges that offer traditional securities and investments to investors to access wider liquidity, 24-hour markets, etc.

Overall, this is a very positive development for cryptographic space. What do you think of DX Exchange? Tell us in the comments section below.

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