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Three factors that influence the price of Ripple's XRP

Ripple's XRP managed to attract a growing interest from many cryptographic investors in 2018.

The year is about to end and it is important to note that even if Ripple's XRP is not particularly influenced by opinions in the cryptographic sphere, it still intends to increase its value.

Such a thing would surely open the way to more successful goals.

Three essential factors are contributing to Ripple's XRP growth.


You might wonder how regulation can influence Ripple's XRP fortunes.

Although Ripple's XRP is not regulated, the application of regulations by central banks and governments could undoubtedly support an increase in its value. Reportedly, Ripple called on governments to regulate the currency.

It is also worth noting that the legislation could increase adoption. More users and companies would be interested in cross-border payment solutions.

As more users invade the system, there will be an increase in the transaction number, and this could set the currency on a bull run.


Blockchain technology has been the basis of many decentralized projects such as Ripple. But Ripple uses a separate ledger that allows transactions.

Ripple broke away from the traditional blockchain base to get a ledger just to be faster.

More and more banks are attracted to Ripple technology, which is why they use xRapid and xCurrent.

Ripple also plans to discontinue existing payment services like SWIFT.


The media outcry can help bring people closer to adoption.

The positivity of media channels and their interest in Ripple payment solutions are one of the factors that could trigger a currency rush.

In conclusion, it is certain that the technology, press coverage and regulations provided by financial institutions and Ripple governments will inevitably trigger positive changes that will affect value.

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