Thousands of people denounce “election fraud” in Washington encouraged by Trump


A week after media screenings gave Democrat Joe Biden the winner of the US election, thousands of supporters of the outgoing president, Donald Trump, took to the streets of Washington DC this Saturday to denounce, without evidence, an alleged fraud. election, supported by the president himself, who came out to greet them from his car.

Seven days have passed and Trump has not yet acknowledged his defeat in the November 3 election, while he has not stopped repeating that there was alleged fraud in the election, without providing a single proof.

And it appears that this message permeated his followers, many of whom today carried banners saying “don’t steal the election,” EFE reported.

Since the early hours of the morning, rivers of Trump supporters flooded the streets leading to Freedom Plaza, next to the White House, wearing caps and T-shirts from his campaign with the slogan “Make America Great Again”. . fantastic again “).

Trump empowers them from the “Black Beast”

Shortly after 10:00 local time (15:00 GMT), Trump’s car appeared on Pennsylvania Avenue, next to Freedom Plaza, from where he greeted the hundreds of protesters who at that time had gathered in the place where he was. the march started. shortly after noon.

The outgoing president smiled and greeted his followers from his vehicle.

“We saw him in the distance (Trump), we arrived early, we were in the crowd and he appeared,” explained to Efe Terrelen, 54, an assistant attorney who came to the capital from Indiana with her husband. . Jay, 55 and a worker in the aviation industry.

Jay, who like his wife wore a cap with the Trump campaign slogan, explained that they had decided to participate in this march to support Trump and “support the American way of life, freedom, democracy and the protection of the legal election” .

Emulating the vocabulary Trump has been using since election results and allegations of election fraud were known without evidence, Jay expressed his doubts about the legality of the vote without offering great details.

“People have seen fraud,” he stressed, “people have seen ballot papers being pulled, people have seen computer program manipulation … There is a reason Trump has been driving for a while. “the night of the elections, and then in the middle of the elections. In the night there were 138 electoral votes for the good, statistically impossible”.

Trump has barely gotten the odd minor victory in the courts so far, where he suffered setbacks like yesterday in two Pennsylvania courts where six lawsuits filed from his election campaign have been filed.

Even so, protesters sang phrases like “stop the (election) robbery” and phrases like “CNN sucks, Fox sucks” came from the speakers.

Many of the protesters, mostly white and of all ages, wore no masks to protect themselves from covid-19, despite the fact that the United States is the nation most affected by the pandemic in the world.

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